Eurovision: Tom Leeb unveils his song, the rating of France collapses

Tom Leeb, son of comedian Michel Leeb, revealed on Sunday February 16 the title he will perform during the next edition of Eurovision on May 16, 2020. But it seems that this romantic ballad is not really to taste bookmakers who place it... in 21st position.

  Eurovision: Tom Leeb unveils his song, the rating of France'effondre

A romantic melody, hypnotic charm and (slightly) poetic lyrics: this cocktail was not enough to seduce fans of l' Eurovision . Whereas Tom Lee unveiled the title he will perform for France, The Best In Me , It seems like the song did not convince everyone… and in particular the bookmakers. Indeed, since the piece was unveiled, France's rating on the Eurovision World site (site where the bookmakers bet on the chances of each candidate) took a dizzying fall . Tom Leeb went from 14th place to 21st position , with a percentage of 2% pass ! It is for the moment Italy which is given favorite of the competition.

Tom Leeb unveils his song

France's candidate for the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest , Tom Lee unveiled on February 16 the song he will sing in Rotterdam (Netherlands), on May 16. The 30-year-old artist featured on France 2 his title The Best in me , a half-French half-English ballad on a stage at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Songwriters Thomas G:Son, Peter Boström and John Lundvik had previously allowed the Swedish of flowers to win the 2012 edition with the song Euphoria. Tom Leeb and Amir Haddad (French candidate in 2016) then rewrote the verses in French.

This year, no public vote. This is France Televisions who chose the contender, as did Spain and the United Kingdom, for the final of the contest to be held in Rotterdam 4 pm never . The interpretations of Tom Lee were selected from hundreds of songs by French or foreign authors and composers.
The young man therefore caught their eye. But the task is not easy, because the objective is to enter the top 5, which Bilal Hassani (16th place in 2019) or Amir (6th place in 2016) have not managed to do in previous editions, and yet had every chance on their side.

Who is Tom Leeb, multi-talented artist?

His father, Michel Leeb , laughed. Humorist, actor, comedian (even singer at times), he made France 'before' laugh with sketches such as The Fly and the Bumblebee, the African and Punctuation. If you haven't heard of the son yet,... it's because he's a musical phenomenon... in the making, but not only that. He has all the skills.

The journey of this handsome, seductive brunette is impressive! It was first in New York that Tom Lee proves itself. He learned singing and guitar on his own at 18, drawing inspiration from pieces by Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole that his father listened to. After training in singing, comedy and dance (just that!), Tom Leeb returns to Paris. He gets on the boards with his father to Madame Doubtfire , makes his way to the small screen with a first major successful role in the series Under the Sun of Saint Tropez and put on his comedy show in association with comedian Kevin Levy. You may have also seen it at the cinema on the poster of Edmond , the film adaptation of Alexis Michalik's play.

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Tom Leeb: a gesture for his sister Fanny Leeb

Otherwise you may have seen him... naked ? A nice gesture though, because he did it for his sister, the singer of The Voice Fanny Lee , who has cancer. In photos that brother and sister share in stories on Instagram, we admire Tom, posing with his buttocks in the air , along with the message 'When your sister in treatment gives you a lesson in life.#fuckcancer', a post collected by PurePeople.

On the music side, last September Tom Leeb released his premier album ' Recollection ' , whose 13 indie-pop folk songs he composed tell the story of battered love stories. The titles 'Distance is A thing' and ' Are We too late' have already been a hit on Youtube, with 25 million views for the last. In recent months, the singer-actor-comedian has made the first parts of the concerts of the famous Tom Jones or Sting. Damien Thévenot even made it his morning topic on France 2 upon the release of his album. If we add to the bill his more than advantageous physique, one would almost want to forgive him for not singing in French.