Eurovision Junior 2021: Maléna Fox offers victory to Armenia (and loses his means), Enzo the French 'knows' that he has 'won'

For its 19th edition, Armenia wins Eurovision Junior! After the victory of the pretty Valentina in 2020, Maléna Fox won the singing competition… and burst into tears. Frenchman Enzo Hilaire is in the top 3 and has his opinion on who wins the trophy...

  Eurovision Junior 2021: Maléna Fox offers victory to Armenia (and loses his means), Enzo the French 'knows' that'il a "gagné"

[Updated Monday, December 20 at 10:57 a.m.] It's finally Armenian Malena Fox who wins this edition of l' Eurovision Junior ! The 13-year-old performed the title Qami Qami to represent the colors of his country. it's about the Armenia's second Junior Eurovision win , the previous one occurring 11 years earlier. Last year, it was Valentina, young daughter of 12 years , who had won all the votes with his tube J'imagine in Warsaw, Poland. A first victory for France , after four years of participation without victory, in the contest of children singers! And this year, no less than nineteen countries competed for 1st place on the podium.

As for the Armenian singer, it seems that fate has worked in her favor! She should have entered the competition last year, in 2020, and performed the song Why . But shortly before the competition, his venue had been canceled due to political tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Maybe she wouldn't have won that year...

Maléna Fox: her tears prevent her from singing

After learning of her victory, the teenager could not hold back her tears and let out his emotion . So when it was time to sing her song again after the victory, Maléna Fox had to stop for a moment , in the middle of the song, because the emotion prevented him from continuing his performance. After coming to her senses, the young singer was able to finish the song.

Enzo, representative of France: his reaction

Yes Enzo Hilaire , who represented France in the competition, didn't get the win , it was still ranked on the podium ! Come 3rd in competition with his song Tic Tac , the young singer wanted to thank the public who supported him at all costs, with BFM TV : ' It was amazing. at some point I couldn't even hear myself anymore , there was people shouting my song . That's why I love the French public: they were behind me and they supported me '. And to add during the press conference that followed the broadcast: ' I know in my heart that I won '.

Who represented France?

This is Enzo Hilary who represented France in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021. The young boy from 13 years was chosen to wear the tricolor colors with the catchy song (and in French)  Tic Tac. Revealed during the last season of The Voice Kids, the teenager made it to the final in The Soprano team .

Born in Yvelines in 2008, Enzo grew up in Hong Kong , where his parents, his brother and son chien Mango have expatriated. It is at the age of six years he started singing. It also takes dance lessons since she was nine years old . In 2017, the budding artist created a Youtube channel to share his musical covers.

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Where did the Junior Eurovision Song Contest take place?

The room of The Musical Series , at Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine), hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. At the presentation, the public and viewers found the host Olivier Memory , Miss France 2001 Elodie Gossuin and the singer Carla Lazzari , who had represented France at Eurovision in 2019. The opening show was provided by the duo of French musicians Ofenbach . Valentina and Barbara Pravi, second in the last edition of Eurovision for adults, delivered unforgettable performances.

How to participate ?

Since 2016, children aged between 9 and 14 years old can participate in the competition. All songs performed by contestants must contain lyrics from the national language (or one of the national languages) of the country represented.

Junior Eurovision winners

Junior Eurovision was created in 2003 by the EBU (European Broadcasting Union). The Georgia is currently the camper with three wins in 2008, 2011 and 2016. It is followed by the Belarus , Painted , the Poland and the Russia who all took two victories.

  • 2003: Dino Jelusic, Croatia
  • 2004: Maria Isabel, Spain
  • 2005: Xenia Sitnik, Belarus
  • 2006: The Tolmachevy Twins, Russia
  • 2007: Aliaxieï Jygalkovitch, Belarus
  • 2008: Bzikebi, Georgia
  • 2009: Ralf Mackenbach, Pays-Bas
  • 2010: Vladimir Arzumanyan, Armenia
  • 2011: CANDY, Georgia
  • 2012: Anastasiya Petryk, Ukraine
  • 2013: Gaia Cauchi, Malte
  • 2014: Vincenzo Cantiello, Italy
  • 2015: Destiny Chukunyere, Malta
  • 2016: Mariam Mamadashvili, Georgie
  • 2017: Polina Bogusevich, Russie
  • 2018: Roksana Węgiel, Pologne
  • 2019: Viki Gabor, Poland
  • 2020: Valentina, France
  • 2021: Malena Fox, Armenia