Eurovision 2020: Gjon's Tears from The Voice will represent Switzerland

For Eurovision 2020, Switzerland will present a song in French for the first time in 10 years. A new piece that will be performed by the young Gjon's Tears, semi-finalist of 'The Voice' in France, in 2019.

  Eurovision 2020: John's Tears de The Voice représentera la Suisse

This year, while France will be represented by the seductive Tom Leeb , it is Gjon's Tears who will compete for Switzerland at Eurovision 2020 , the final of which takes place on May 16 next. And the 21-year-old is far from unknown to the general public.
Indeed, the Brocois was contestant and semi-finalist of season 8 of The Voice France last year. He particularly stood out with very inspired covers of Chris and Elton John.
Member of Mika's team, John's Tears bowed out at the gates of the final against the future winner, Whitney . 'When I heard him at the castings, I imagined him among the potential winners. He has a wonderful, powerful voice' , I explained to the casting director of The Voice Bruno Berberes, to 20 Minutes . According to him, the talented Gjon's Tears was already dreaming of Eurovision “I had also put him in contact with the Albanian delegation of Eurovision” , he added. The singer is also known in Albania , where he had risen to at the end of the local version d' Amazing talent in 2010.

Gjon's Tears: a song to 'encourage people to assume themselves as they are'

It is now for his country of origin, Switzerland , which Gjon's Tears competes. Next May, the young man will perform Answer me , a song he co-wrote with le duo Aliose , on a theme dear to him: identity.

“Everyone asks why we are here, where we come from and where we are going. These questions are particularly important for people with a migration background. My parents are from Albania and Kosovo. grew up in Switzerland, which I consider my country of origin, these are subjects that affect me a lot', he said in an SRF statement.
And to add: ' By singing 'Answer Me', I want to encourage people to take charge of themselves as they are'.

Eurovision: Switzerland had not presented a French title for 10 years

As a reminder, this makes ten years that Switzerland had not been represented by a title in French at Eurovision . The last title presented in the language of Molière was It's Raining Gold , played by Michael von der Heide in 2010, who was eliminated in the semi-finals. We wish a better destiny to Gjon's Tears, who succeeds the Swiss singer Lucas Hänni, who came fourth in the competition last year with his title She Got me .