Estelle Lefébure has found the perfect beach look

Even at the beach, Estelle Lefébure has style. The proof with her latest look, posted on Instagram on August 17, 2022.

 Estelle Lefébure has found the perfect beach look

She is one of the favorite models of the French, who, during her career, paraded for the greatest designers, posed on the cover of hundreds of magazines (including the weekly SHE ) and fascinates with its style of girl next door Bohemia . This is confirmed by her last Instagram post where the top appears dressed in the perfect beach outfit .

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His look ? An oversized printed long-sleeved T-shirt tie and dye accompanied by carefully chosen jewelry. An accumulation of necklaces, a thumb ring and a ankle bracelet for a vibe irresistible hippie chic.

Ilona and Emma Smet follow in their mother's footsteps

In addition to being an iconic top, Estelle Lefebure is a fulfilled mother and grandmother. His two daughters, Ilona and Emma Smet, that she had with the singer David Hallyday , are, for the first time, a model (notably for Etam ) and for the second actress (in the series tomorrow belongs to us principally). The eldest of the family, Ilona Smet has put her career on hold in recent months because a few months after her marriage, she gave birth to a baby boy . Which doesn't prevent her from revealing her latest outfits on Instagram, which are always so stylish!