Entrepreneurship, a source of fulfillment for women

More and more women are finding fulfillment in entrepreneurship. This is the case of Pauline Grumel, founder of Unisoap and winner of the 2022 Perle de Lait Trophy. On the occasion of the 6th edition of the Perle de Lait Trophy, we take stock of 3 levers to activate to flourish in as a business leader.

  L'entrepreneuriat, une source d'épanouissement pour les femmes

1. Find meaning in your work

This is one of the main reasons why women start their own businesses. ' I wanted to give more meaning and value to my work' , says Pauline. Today, she is at the head of Unisoap, the first French association which collects and recycles used hotel soaps in order to give them to people in need. Like her, many women want to get involved in a project in line with their values ​​and deep convictions. 'I created my first company at the age of 25, because I wanted to be able to act freely and innovate. But founding Unisoap allowed me to undertake in the service of the common good and to have in my work the solidarity, ecological and social that I try to have in my personal life.'

2. Be satisfied with what you do and have fun

'Dissatisfaction has long been one of my brakes. I set ambitious goals, such as delivering soap to 1 million people, forgetting that distributing 15,000 is already a real success' , explains Pauline Grumel. Demanding, passionate, the entrepreneur sometimes finds it difficult to take a step back from what she accomplishes. Yet, imposing hard-to-achieve development goals or unsustainable schedules is the best way to end up feeling disappointed and not enjoying what you do anymore. Having fun is also an essential driver for the business creator. 'When I'm under too much pressure, I need to take a few days off completely to come back more motivated and love what I do again' , remembers Pauline.

3. Find the right supports

Lack of funding and support are two of the main challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. With Unisoap, Pauline was no exception: 'Finding the money is one of the fundamental challenges. The €8,000 grant associated with the Trophy Perle de Lait was a real boost for Unisoap. The support you get with La Ruche thanks to the price is just as important. This allowed us to step back and be able to think more calmly about our future developments. In addition, the Perle de Lait Trophy gave us credibility to talk to new partners. '

Discover the full testimony of Pauline Grumel, founder of Unisoap and winner of the 2022 Perle de Lait Trophy. For the past five years, this trophy has rewarded a committed entrepreneur every year. The call for applications for the 6 and edition is open until October 31.


Source journaldesfemmes.fr