Emmanuelle Béart is 59 years old: Failed surgery, Weddings, Children, Suicide, Dramas, Hidden passion...

Emmanuelle Béart celebrates her 59th birthday on August 14! His debut in an erotic film, his failed surgery, his father's legacy, his dramas, his loves, his crush on a footballer... and everything you (perhaps) didn't know about the hypnotic actress.

  Emmanuelle Béart is 59 years old: Failed surgery, Weddings, Children, Suicide, Dramas, Hidden passion...

Emmanuelle Béart turns 59 on August 14 . An actress with an undeniable charisma, a mysterious aura, an inimitable pout. But what do you really know about the unforgettable interpreter of Manon des sources? Her famous father, her love stories, her dramas, the suicide of her love, motherhood, her little-known passion, her failed surgery, her marriage to the man of her life... and other secrets of the talented sylph.

Emmanuelle Béart, rebel in her childhood

Emmanuelle Beart was born on August 14, 1963, in the Var. She's there daughter of singer Guy Béart and the actress Genevieve Galea . Her parents separated when she was still very young and the little girl was mainly brought up by her mother alongside her brothers and sisters, Olivier, Ivan, Mikis and Sarah, born of different fathers.

Growing up, Emmanuelle Béart showed a temperament of rebel. From the Romy Schneider , she often skips school and dreams of becoming actress . She touches this crazy desire by doing extras, at only 8 years old, in the film The Race Of The Hare Through The Fields, by René Clément, then at age 12, in Tomorrow The Kids , by Jean Pourtalé.

Emmanuelle Béart: her debut in an erotic film

At 17, Emmanuelle Béart leaves for a stay in Montreal... and decides to settle there. There, she meets director Robert Altman, who confirms to her that she has the talent to become an actress. It was at the age of 20, when she met the photographer and director David Hamilton during theater lessons, that she obtained, thanks to him, a role in her erotic movie First Desires . Then, the budding actress starred in A forbidden love , by Jean-Pierre Dougnac, in 1984, and was even nominated for the César for best female hope.

Emmanuelle Béart: her relationship with Daniel Auteuil

The following year, her success was confirmed when she gave the reply to Daniel Auteuil , in the movie Manon Des Sources , by Claude Berri, which won her a César for Best Supporting Actress. The actress falls under the spell of Daniel Auteuil, who becomes her partner in the city as well as on stage. ' With Daniel Auteuil, I was 19 years old, he gave me confidence, taught me the distance in this profession, pushed me to learn, always ' , she confided to Paris-Match .

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Emmanuelle Béart was in a relationship with Bruel's brother

Together they give birth to a daughter, Nelly , in 1992. ' I loved being pregnant . I was exactly how I wanted to be “, she had told the magazine SHE . For about eleven years, Emmanuelle Béart and Daniel Auteuil live their love. After the separation from Daniel Auteuil, the actress lives a short romance with David Moreau, half-brother of Patrick Bruel , who becomes the father of his son Yohanna , in 1996.

Emmanuelle Béart: the suicide of her love

In the early 2000s, Emmanuelle Béart fell in love with the producer Vincent Meyer . But in 2003, a few hours before climbing the steps of the cannes festival for the screening of the film The Lost , the actress learns that her companion has committed suicide in his apartment in the 14th arrondissement of Paris . A tragedy from which she struggles to recover.

Emmanuelle Béart adopted a little boy

A few years later, it was with Michael Cohen that the actress finds love. Together they adopt a little boy of Ethiopian origin, Surafel, in 2010. They remain married from 2008 to 2011 . ' At the time, we were a couple in love and we wanted to build something strong, thanks to this love (...) We wanted to have a non-biological child, who needed parents with the time, the love and attention to give “, remembered the actor in Gala .

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Emmanuelle Béart: her husband's ultimatum

In 2018, Emmanuelle Béart married the documentary filmmaker, Frederic Chaudier , with whom she is still in a relationship. But this one warned her a long time ago: ' He warned me in the form of a joke : ' If you do something to your face, I divorce !' So the scalpel is not part of my attack plans. Even if the law of gravity does not please me at all. But for now it's no ', she assured Paris-Match .

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Emmanuelle Béart, shocked by her failed surgery

Anyway, it's been a long time since the plastic surgery no longer attracts Emmanuelle Béart. And for good reason, the actress has bad memories of a previous intervention. ' When it comes to shaping face or body, I had my mouth done when I was 27. It's not an enigma for anyone: it's missed “, she had declared to the World .

And to add: ' Frankly, I'm not about to go back, because I had such a shock, with all that, and under the gaze of others. It was appalling. Today, just the idea of ​​a shot overwhelms me '.

Emmanuelle Béart: the death of her father Guy Béart

In 2015, another tragedy struck Emmanuelle Béart. His father dies of a heart attack on his way to the hairdresser. But Guy Béart left a real legacy to his darling daughter. ' The gave me a taste for work, concentration, laughter, a real strength. Like him, I don't know where I'm going, but I know the way . We didn't do the same job, but there was still something in common in our professions. There is this idea that nothing is ever won or lost, we always start over “, told us Emmanuelle Béart, in 2020, when she published an album of covers of songs by her father, From Beart to Beart(s) .

Emmanuelle Béart: love at first sight for a footballer

Few know that Emmanuelle Béart is... a football fan! His favorite team? That of Saint-Etienne. According to his confidences at the microphone 'Europe 1 , the actress has always had a weakness for the footballer Dominique Rocheteau ... and ' had told him '.

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