Emmanuelle Béart anxious about her 60th birthday? 'I compose with what I have...'

At the dawn of her 60th birthday, Emmanuelle Béart considers the passage of time with philosophy and confides in this sometimes difficult course to cross.

  Emmanuelle Béart anxious about her 60th birthday? 'I compose with what I'ai..."

Like many women, the actress Emmanuelle Beart is preparing to cross the sometimes difficult milestone of sixty. But the popular actress does not make a drama of it while recognizing that it is not necessarily a pleasant moment to live. She testified to this in an interview.

Emmanuelle Béart, how does she approach her sixties?

If Emmanuelle Béart seems to have preferred the boards to the film sets in recent years, it is on the small screen that she will make her big comeback at the end of September. In the poster of ' Syndrome E ', a three-star cast miniseries in which the star of Mission Impossible plays alongside Vincent Elbaz, Richard Bohringer, Dominique Blanc and Kool Shen. A police role cut out for her, as the actress prepares to celebrate her 60th birthday this summer.

An age that she is determined to fully assume as she confided in an interview with the magazine TV 7 Days . ' I compose with what I have, with the woman that I have become and that we have to accept to see aging... “, she declared before adding” It's like that. There's nothing we can do about it. Of course, it's not easy every day , most the way we look at ourselves and that of others is important in order to accept seeing ourselves change. And this view of cinema, theater or television is important to me because it gives me the courage to continue. '

How to assume your age when you are an actress?

If the star had abandoned the cinema in recent years (we could however see her in 2021 in the film The Embrace ) to burn the boards, she admitted to having found a new fulfillment on stage, a taste for freedom and anonymity. Emmanuelle Béart also admits that her passion for the stage allows her to cross the milestone of sixty with a lot of hindsight. ' In the theater, we never suffer from this (…) The older we get, the better off we are. Like good wine. You become almost like clay: a wonderful material to sculpt. The theater watches you grow old with kindness. It may be different in the cinema, but I did not feel any particular lack. I even had, lately, very beautiful roles in the cinema', she says.

The family secrets of a radiant mother

Mother of three children, Nelly, 30, whom she had with Daniel Auteuil, Yohann, 26, whom she had with David Moreau and Surifel, 13, adopted with her ex-husband Michaël Cohen, it It is in her little tribe that this radiant mother draws her strength and her serenity ' The way we're loved, the responsibilities we have, ultimately 60 is still a number. . Of course, I'm not sure I'll be happy that day, but frankly, I have a grandmother who left at 107 and my mother, at 80, is in great shape. Maybe in my family, we don't look at time passing in the same way... “, she assures.

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