Emmanuel Macron, a 'madman' according to Brigitte's daughter

Did you know that before meeting Brigitte, Emmanuel Macron made a strong impression on his daughter Laurence? In high school, rumors circulated about a romance between the teenager and the teacher's daughter...

Before meeting the one who was to become his wife, Emmanuel Macron made a strong impression on the daughter of this one... Laurence Auzière ! The President of the Republic, who was studying at the Lycée de la Providence in Amiens at the time, was in the same class as Brigitte Macron's daughter and her husband at the time, André-Louis Auzière. If we are to believe the revelations of Caroline Derrien and Candice Nedelec, in their book The Macrons , at the start of the school year, discovering his classmates, Laurence Auzière had quickly confided to his mother: ' There's a madman in my class who knows everything about everything '. And this ' new ' to which Brigitte Macron's daughter was referring was none other than Emmanuel Macron!

Macron: rumors of romance with Laurence Auzière

Of course, at this moment, Laurence Auzière did not know that Emmanuel Macron would become his father-in-law. He had not yet met the one who was going to capsize his heart, Brigitte Auzière. But, as recalled Gala , in the book The Macrons, we learn that Laurence Auzière and Emmanuel Macron quickly forged a solid friendship .

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The high school students were so close, that in the corridors of the establishment, rumors swirled about a romance . Then, in first class, Emmanuel Macron began to follow the theater course provided by ... Brigitte Auzière . It was for her that he quickly felt romantic feelings.

The day Emmanuel Macron confessed his feelings

After months spent preparing the play The art of comedy , the big night of the performance has finally arrived. Behind the curtain, Emmanuel Macron then confessed his feelings to his teacher, who was nevertheless already married to André-Louis Auzière . ' Whatever you do, I will marry you ', he had let go. It was finally in 2007, a dozen years later, that Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron were united by the bonds of marriage ...

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