Elsa Zylberstein soon to be a mom? The actress, as a couple, keeps the door open...

Elsa Zylberstein celebrates her 54th birthday this Sunday, October 16. In full promotion of the film 'Simone, the trip of the century', the actress lent herself to the portrait game in 'Liberation'. The opportunity to indulge in moving secrets about her private life and to discuss the question of motherhood.

  Elsa Zylberstein soon to be a mom? L'actrice, en couple, garde la porte ouverte...

She bursts the screen in Simone, the trip of the century , the biopic released on October 12, which chronicles the incredible life of Simone Veil . Asked by Release, the actress confided without filter. Evoking intimate subjects such as her past loves, her couple or her desire for motherhood. Rare personal revelations for the usually discreet actress about her private life.

Elsa Zylberstein ' do not regret anything of his loves '

With a career punctuated by numerous successes such as Mina Tannenbaum , in 1995, I've loved you for a long time for which she won the César for best actress in a supporting role in 2009, or her multiple roles in the theater, Elsa Zylberstein is an accomplished actress. If his life as an artist contributed to his notoriety, privately, her former relationships have also exposed her to the spotlight . Among his most publicized romances, Release mentions in particular those with ' Anthony of Caunes , Yann Moix, Georges-Marc Benhamou, Arnaud Montebourg or Nicolas Bedos '. Love stories for which the actress ' don't regret anything “, says the newspaper.

Elsa Zylberstein as a couple: her amazing revelations

Today, ex-girlfriend Arnaud Montebourg found love again . If the actress does not hide it, she prefers to keep secret the name of the one who capsized her heart. On the other hand, the actress does not hesitate to indulge in the mode of operation of her couple. ' She is now in a relationship, even if it is each at home ', can we read in Release . A situation that allows him to envisage the future differently…

Elsa Zylberstein: son désir de maternity

Become a mom? At 54, Elsa Zylberstein does not rule out the possibility even if, of course, it will be very complicated … The one who wins (almost) all the votes from critics with her interpretation of Simone Veil is ready to become a mother of family. ' yes she hasn't had a child yet, she sometimes thinks about adopting ', reports the newspaper. Even if she thinks of motherhood, Elsa Zylberstein does not put aside her projects. After having embodied the character of Simone Veil, the actress is already considering the sequel. ' I want strong roles, intense roles', she confided recently to BFMTV.

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