Elsa Zylberstein in tears in C to you: what made the actress cry...

In full promotion of the biopic 'Simone, the trip of the century' of which she plays the main role, Elsa Zylbersein was invited on the set of 'C to you' Thursday October 6, 2022. The actress appeared there upset and in tears by evoking her family history...

  Elsa Zylberstein in Tears in C to You: What Made Her Cry'actrice...

The popular actress Elsa Zylberstein is starring in the movie Simone: The Journey of the Century , Olivier Dahan's long-awaited biopic on the life of Simone Veil , whose output in theaters is scheduled for October 12. The 53-year-old actress plays the role of this politician with an extraordinary destiny. Deported from the Second World War, Minister, President of the European Parliament and defender of the right to abortion in France, Simone Veil marked the history of France. She multiplied the confidences in promo, shedding in particular a few touching tears in It's up to you .

The story of Simone Veil, deported to Auschwitz at the age of 16, echoes the family past of Elsa Zylberstein. Asked about this link that crosses the life of the stateswoman and her own story, the actress confided without filter on the set of C to you . ' My dad was a hidden child. During the war he was saved by people who are Righteous today ', she explained. And to add. ' My grandmother was Russian from Lithuania. My grandparents were killed in the Warsaw ghetto and by the Holocaust by gunshot . ' she continued.

Elsa Zylberstein upset by evoking her painful family history

Elsa Zylberstein then returned to the reasons that led her to accept the role of Simone Veil . ' It was also to pay tribute to these people, to my father . Well, not on purpose...', she confided before to be suddenly gripped by emotion . Upset, the actress tried to continue her point with difficulty. ' It was not intentional when I did it. That was not my motivation. Sorry, excuse me “, she finally cut, before taking a few minutes to dry her tears and pick up the thread of the show.

Elsa Zylberstein gained weight to play Simone Veil: secrets about her transformation

To embody Simone Veil, Elsa Zylberstein had to transform her appearance. If wigs and make-up allowed the actress to transform herself, she also adhered to a specific diet to gain weight.

Asked by Vanity Fair , Elsa Zylberstein confided in her physical transformation that she had to operate to interpret this great lady . Especially on his weight gain , since the actress gained eight kilos. But of course, ' without drugs, only with good things “, can we read in the Vanity Fair of September 28.

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'I decided I could learn the 'Simone''

To look like Simone Veil, Elsa Zylberstein wears makeup for hours to age her skin. Besides the looks, Simone Veil's gait and voice also influenced the acting of the actress. We thus learn that the ex-girlfriend of Arnaud Montebourg listened to hours of speeches to stick as close as possible to his character. ' Because after all, we learn foreign languages ​​well, I decided I could learn the 'Simone' ' , she reported. So much so that the result is stunning.

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The film crew itself calls the actress Simone ' even when the camera is off ', she remembered fondly. A role that could well offer the actress already multi-caesarean a new reward

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