Élodie Gossuin, her 'a bit ridiculous' but very disabling phobia

As she lends her voice to one of the characters in the new cartoon Tad the Explorer and the Emerald Table, the former Miss France confided in her amazing phobias.

 Élodie Gossuin, her phobia"un peu ridicule" mais très handicapante

Élodie Gossuin is not one to embellish reality. With her outspokenness, the former Miss France 2001 has found her place in the hearts of the French. Because behind the scarf and the sequins, she openly shares her weaknesses, and confides her astonishing phobias.

Élodie Gossuin, her funny phobias: 'Insects, animals, that's pretty much it'

In full promotion of the cartoon Tad the Explorer and the Emerald Table to which she lends her voice -in theaters on August 24-, she confided exclusively in Pure People , on his funny phobias. ' In an adventure honestly, insects, animals, it's pretty much going ès', she specifies, with her ten participations in the cult show Fort Boyard . On the other hand, she has a hard time coping with another phobia that invalidates her in her personal and professional life.

Élodie Gossuin: 'It's a bit ridiculous. I have a phobia of flying!'

Often traveling, the one who is today a radio host often has to face one of her great fears: the plane. ' I have a phobia that has nothing to do with it, and it's kind of ridiculous, she still tells Pure People. I don't have a phobia of heights, of insects, but I do have a phobia of airplanes. ' To remedy this, this super active mom has found the parade : 'Either I take medicine, or I have a drink!'. And if she willingly confesses this irrational fear, she is not the only one: nearly 56% of French people would be uncomfortable on a plane...

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Élodie Gossuin, plays a wacky archaeologist in Tad the Explorer

Always on the go with her family, the one who shared crazy photos of her clan this summer - her children Rose and Léonard born in 2007, Jules and Joséphine born in 2013 -, lends her voice to the character of Victoria Moon in the new drawing - animated Tad the Explorer and the Emerald Table . The opportunity for the 41-year-old host to try her hand at dubbing: ' I play Victoria Moon who is a new character. I love it, and I'm sure you will love it! ', laughs the young woman. ' Voice acting is a whole new experience for me!'

Challenge succeeds for Élodie Gossuin, who has no phobias of new challenges...

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