Elodie Fontan looks exactly like a great American star with her new hairstyle

Exit the long curly hair and make way for the pulled bun for Elodie Fontan, who revealed her surprising resemblance to two big stars. Photo.

 Elodie Fontan looks exactly like a great American star with her new hairstyle

While she is starring in the movie Alibi.com 2 which has just been released in cinemas, Elodie Fontan is already in the middle of filming another feature film. The opportunity for the actress to show herself with an unusual hairstyle.

Elodie Fontan, lookalike of American actress Natalie Portman

Currently in Mexico for the filming of 3 days max , the sequel 30 days max also directed by Tarek Boudali, Elodie Fontan unveiled some behind-the-scenes photos on her Instagram account. So, last week, the actress shared a photo of her in a bathing suit in a beautiful swimming pool, before reiterating with a shot that has been commented on a lot by his fans. And for good reason: Elodie Fontan sports an unusual hair look that suits her perfectly. If she usually wears long curly hair , the companion of Philippe Lacheau is shown here with a hair bun tackled and pulled back. With this very elegant hairstyle, the French 35 years old accentuates his resemblance to two other stars. 'I thought for a moment that it was Natalie Portman', 'I find an air of resemblance with Louise Bourgoin' , can we read in the comments of this publication which has seduced his fans.

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Elodie Fontan's natural hair secret

Back in January 2023, Elodie Fontan shared some of her beauty tips with us, including how she takes care of her long, naturally curly hair. And his secret weapon is natural: ' My little miracle ingredient is aloe vera. I use it to style and boost my curls in the morning and moisturize my body.' she confided.

The one who was a model from an early age also uses this plant to nourish her face and erase some scars. ' From time to time, for the face, I mix a small hazelnut with a few drops of oil to make a small cream. It's very effective. A few years ago I had a riding accident that left marks on my face and applying aloe vera every day, it all went away. I had no scar ', said Elodie Fontan, who always displays a resplendent beauty.

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