Elizabeth II: Her loyal stylist and assistant Angela Kelly kicked out? The queen had it all planned...

While the British people are in shock since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the little hands at the orders of the late monarch are wondering about their fate. Starting with Angela Kelly, the sovereign's personal assistant and stylist. What will become of his close adviser?

  Elizabeth II: Her faithful stylist and assistant Angela Kelly kicked out? The queen had it all planned...

In 2018, seated in the front row next to Anna Wintour during London Fashion Week, a discreet all-black figure watches over the Queen.... Her Majesty Elizabeth II attends the parades of this major event in fashion under the benevolent eye of the one who has become his close confidante over the years, Angela Kelly. A nice celebration of this special friendship, woven over many years.

Who was Angela Kelly, Elizabeth II's assistant-turned-stylist-and-confidant?

It took him a bit of humor and a lot of patience (unless it was the opposite), to attract the favors of the Queen of England . Angela Kelly was one of Elizabeth II's personal assistants, who returned to her service at Buckingham Palace in 1994. Almost three decades of good and loyal service, as the saying goes. If she was only an assistant stylist at the beginning - among others -, her charm and her British phlegm quickly gave her a place of choice in the heart of Queen Elizabeth II.

Angela Kelly, the one who whispered in the ear of Elizabeth II

Several years later, she thus became senior stylist, in charge of the royal wardrobe . Very quickly, she climbed the ladder and forged strong ties with the sovereign. During the Covid period in 2020, Angela Kelly is still one of those who remain at her bedside, forming a 'bubble' around her to ensure that the nonagenarian does not catch the virus. During this period, the testimonies say that the two women shared many moments together, Kelly informing him of the last gossips , and that it is not uncommon to hear Elizabeth II laugh out loud. Until the end, Angela Kelly will have radiated the aura of the monarch by choosing her memorable outfits, while ensuring her a reassuring present.

Those close to Elizabeth II confide that over the years, Angela Kelly's stylist role would have naturally evolved for her to join the clan of Ladies-in-waiting , the sovereign's shadow advisers . Those who accompanied, for some for 60 years, the queen, helping her to answer her royal correspondence and to organize her schedule. More than assistants, friends who have become so precious over time.

What future for the stylist of Elizabeth II?

Behind the golds of Buckingham Palace, royal protocols and calendars, she had become a reassuring presence for Queen Elizabeth II, one of the few people allowed to touch her, help her prepare, even having the immense privilege of have a house near Windsor. If she has sometimes been talked about – in particular with a controversy around the tiara worn by Meghan during her marriage to Prince Harry – she will also have fulfilled her duty, accompanying the sovereign until her last moments. Present at Balmoral for the last summer of Elizabeth II, the witnesses say that she made sure with great tenderness of the comfort of Elizabeth II, slipping her a blanket to prevent her from getting cold, encouraging her to rest. .

Today, while a wave of layoffs was announced to the staff of Elizabeth II - in times of mourning, this announcement appeared very cruel -, it seems that Angela Kelly is receiving preferential treatment. The sovereign herself would have done everything to ensure that her faithful adviser lacked nothing, and could stay in her house in Windsor. In addition, Elizabeth II would have given her authorization to Angela Kelly concerning the publication of three works, on the underside of the crown, the first volume of which was baptized The Other Side of the Coin (2019). A friendship... royal.

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