Elizabeth II, died in Scotland: what is Operation Unicorn, which has remained secret until now?

The Queen died on September 8, in Scotland. The “London Bridge” operation, measured for decades, is therefore adapted and it is “Operation Unicorn” which is put in place. A device that remained secret for a long time...

  Elizabeth II, death at Ecosse: what'est-ce que l'opération Licorne, restée secrète jusqu'à présent ?

Elizabeth II breathed her last breath at her castle in Balmoral, Scotland , Thursday September 8... and not in London, at Buckingham Palace. The London Bridge Operation , which provides for the protocol to be followed for the days following the death of the queen, must therefore be adapted. And it's Operation Unicorn (unicorn in French) which is now in place, according to the Herald On Sunday . These are the rules to be followed in case of death of the monarch in Scotland , the unicorn being the symbol of the country. The probability that the queen would die in Scotland was far from zero since she spent about three months a year in Balmoral Castle. The device was kept secret so far.

Operation Unicorn: the secret device after the death of Elizabeth II

According to the media The National , the Scottish Parliament was immediately suspended following the announcement of the death of the Queen of England . His body would first have to be transported from Aberdeen and rest at the Palace of Holyroodhouse , the official royal residence in Edinburgh, then should then place a time within the cathedral Saint-Gilles.

A major challenge to manage in Scotland

The Scottish territory must expect to see a mass of British admirers, but also international, as well as journalists, who will seek to gather in front of the Queen's body and sign the book of condolences . To manage these mass arrivals, a system has therefore been put in place. Then the corps d'Elizabeth II should be transported on a royal train to London, where the state funeral will take place, ten days after his death, at Westminster Abbey. Then it's at Windsor Castle, in the George VI Memorial, a vault where his parents and his sister Margaret, whom the mother of the prince Charles will rest.

His eldest son, who became Charles III, therefore became king in his place and his wife Camilla obtained the title of queen consort. The royal couple spent the evening at Balmoral – in the presence of the other members of the clan, including Prince Harry – and are expected this Friday in London. Charles must also meet the new Prime Minister, Liz Truss. As for his coronation, it will not take place for many weeks...

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