Elise Lucet gets annoyed in a gas station... the VIDEO makes the buzz: she reacts

Elise Lucet called motorists to order when she found herself faced with an endless queue at a gas station. The video made the rounds on social networks and the journalist reacted to the (bad) buzz…

 Elise Lucet s'agace dans une station essence... la VIDEO fait le buzz : elle réagit

Elise shines used to being in the thick of the action. Customary scenes of confrontation, the journalist did not fail to react when she found herself stuck in a petrol station in Île-de-France , during the weekend of October 9. And the video went around TikTok ! While the French have been scrambling to fill up with gas since the strike by Total and Esso-ExxonMobil employees, Elise Lucet joined these motorists who found themselves stuck for several hours in front of a gas station, accompanied by a boom operator, as part of a filming of the show Correspondent , when she saw a man trying to pass a woman in the queue ...

Elise Lucet, stuck in a gas station: she reacts to the buzz

A vigilante at heart, Elise Lucet immediately showed up to call the free rider to order. ' give me la, she's been queuing for three hours ', she launched, annoyed. While the video of this altercation circulated widely on TikTok, the journalist reacted to this buzz with Tele-Leisure : ' Like everyone, I stood in a queue for almost an hour last weekend. Motorists were very on edge '.

However, most motorists who were there did not pay particular attention to Elise Lucet. ' They only looked at the gas pumps. Not me “, she clarified. 'Frankly, it's the life of most French people and I consider myself rather lucky compared to those who need a lot of fuel to work “, she added.

Elise Lucet: why she would like to 'change her mind'

If the face of Elise Lucet is known to most French people, the public service journalist would have preferred to blend more into the mass on a daily basis. ' From time to time, I would like to change my face to be totally anonymous . I love observing people, seeing how they live, and I feel like when they see me, they actually change their attitude. “, she had confided to the Buzz TV from Figaro last April.

And to clarify: They tell me very interesting things about the job, but I would love to be completely anonymous to sit at a coffee shop and people watch a bit or walk into businesses and no one suddenly jumps up and thinks 'she's here ''.

Source journaldesfemmes.fr