Eddy Mitchell is 80 years old: Drugs, Poker, Children, 30,000 euros lost, 'Sausages' by Dutronc, funeral planned...

Eddy Mitchell turns 80 on July 3. Coke, his addiction to games, his role as a father, his relationship with money, the 'feather in the ass', his funeral that he has already planned... and other crazy info.

  Eddy Mitchell is 80 years old: Drugs, Poker, Children, 30,000 euros lost,"Saucisses" de Dutronc, Obsèques prévues...

Eddy Mitchell turns 80 on July 3 . The rocker and friend of Johnny, who moved us with his crooner voice, has seen all the colors! His odd jobs, coke, casinos, cigarettes, ' small sausages 'Jacques Dutronc, the 30,000 dollars that Johnny Hallyday made him lose ... Crazy info about the interpreter of The last session .

The latest news on Eddy Mitchell

Eddy Mitchell: his real name

Claude Monk , his real name, was born in the 9th arrondissement of Paris and grew up in a relatively modest environment, in the upper Belleville district, raised by a bank employee mother and a father who worked at the regional public transport company. Parisian.

Eddy Mitchell: his youth jobs

Claude Moine exercises many odd jobs in his youth . For example, he is a courier in a Crédit Lyonnais agency, near Golf-Drouot, where he is used to listening to American records. In February 1957, he decided to sing for the employees of the Crédit Lyonnais... This is his first stage performance !

Eddy Mitchell and excesses: coke, games and casinos

In his youth, Eddy Mitchell was several times overdone and did not hesitate to play with fire. the coke? He knew well. ' It was one of my only addictions s', he admitted to the JDD before admitting that cigarettes and alcohol had also been among his dangerous pleasures.

In 1976, the singer used coke ' under duress 'to help him bear a frantic work pace . He had to do 150 concerts in order to pay his taxes. ' I needed a stimulant. I did the whole tour on coke, then I quit so dry “, he explained.

Most Drugs was not his only vice. There was a time when the singer foamed the casinos . ' For years I played. As soon as the casino opened, from 4 p.m. to 7 a.m., I was at my poker table from which I was only absent for two hours, for my show. “, he admitted before specifying that he decided to ' get banned casino in 1983. Wise decision...

Eddy Mitchell: who are his children?

Despite his Rock'n'Roll lifestyle, Eddy Mitchell tried to be a good father for his children , Eddy ,60 years, Marylin , 57 years old, born of his love with Françoise Lavit, then, Pamela , 40 years old, fruit of his union with Muriel Bailleul. It was with the eldest that he released his book in October 2020 The Dictionary of My Life .

Claude Moine, his real name, used the pseudonym 'Eddy' as his stage name, but it is above all the first name of his son, inspired by singer Eddie Constantine . ' I always dreamed of there being an Eddy in the family. So, when my eldest was born, I took advantage of it' , he explained to JDD .

Today, Eddy Moine (the real one) is a film journalist , very admiring of his famous father. 'S Calling Eddy as Eddy Mitchell's son hasn't always been easy. At school, you had to go between the drops to make friends... Then things got back to normal. My dad always protected us from the tabloid press “, he also confided.

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Eddy father and Eddy son pose here with Émilie from the restaurant @leshackparis on the occasion of the release of the book 'the dictionary of my life' published by @editionskero available from October 7 in all good bookstores, if the release of his new album is delayed for 2021 you will find our hero in @lagrandelibrairie with @francoisbusnel Wednesday at 8:50 p.m. on @france5 Everything is said #eddymitchell #mreddy #livre #photo #restaurant #famille #idole #icone #légende #chansonfrancaise #worship #bookstore #tv #tv #shooting #pereetfils #read

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As for Maryline , she follows in her father's footsteps. With her husband, she is the leader of the rock group Maryline and the family. ' In this group, I sing with my husband the American music that my father liked. This music, it was my father who made me discover it “, she confided in nice morning .

Jacques Dutronc's 'little sausages'

With his friend from Les Vieilles Canailles Jacques Dutronc, Eddy Mitchell is never bored! At the microphone of Europe 1 , he told a tasty anecdote about the husband of Francoise Hardy : ' Jacques a very special humor . For example at Christmas he sent me his crib. his nursery, it's a pile of sauerkraut with small sausages '.

Eddy Mitchell: his opinion on yellow vests

At JDD , he gave his clear opinion on the yellow vests , in 2020: ' Well, I don't understand them. Frankly, didn't they get what they wanted on pensions etc? ? And yet, it goes on and it looks like a barbecue meeting, with sausages and fries '.

Eddy Mitchell: Why he started smoking again

Eddy Mitchell had managed to get rid of cigarettes ... but the rocker finally resumed this bad habit to record his album released in 2021, Country Rock . ' 'Cause when I quit smoking, I had a thin voice and so I smoked again and found my voice and I was able to make this album that I really like “, he explained in C to you .

Eddy Mitchell: what he doesn't understand about Johnny

Eddy Mitchell shares a lot in common with son cher ami Johnny, but his relation to money is very different from that of the Taulier. ' Me, with the tenth of his tax troubles, I would have spent terrible nights “, dropped the former member of the Vieilles Canailles at the JDD .

Eddy Mitchell 'watched $30,000 go up in smoke'

The 78-year-old singer also recalled the time Johnny asked him to bring him a guitar , of Nashville. ' Tailor-made, handmade in three weeks, that I pay for 30 000 dollars of ma poche “, he clarified.

But the interpreter Water Mint Color became disillusioned when he gave the prized possession of the rocker . The latter used it on stage during a concert. ' He attacks Tutti Frutti, two chords, on this luxury guitar. And at the end of the song, bling, I see him throwing her in the audience! There I watched 30,000 dollars go up in smoke “, remembered Eddy Mitchell, who specified that Johnny had taken a long time to repay him. Ah, the Rock’n’roll friendship…

Eddy Mitchell: Johnny with 'a feather in the ass'?

Yes Laeticia Hallyday multiplies tributes to Johnny, Eddy Mitchell proclaims to seven to eight than he has' fuck it 'and judge these initiatives' quite morbid '.' It doesn't interest me at all (...) They do what they want. Soon they'll put it with a feather in its ass hanging anywhere... I don't care “, he dropped. That is what is said!

Eddy Mitchell has his funeral planned

Eddy Mitchell does not hide it, he ' often think about death , the night “. According to his confidences in JDD , the 78-year-old singer has already planned his funeral , which will take place' at the marine cemetery of Saint-Tropez, in small groups '. The state funeral like his ' bring 'Johnny, very little for him...' I hope I don't bother anyone ', he let go. No question either of keeping secret pieces so that they come out posthumously : ' As for posterity, there are no archives, I keep nothing of my drafts. It was all published during my lifetime and I'm amazed it lasted so long. Because, at the beginning, it must be said: nobody believed it '. We have been warned...

In this complicated period, where the coronavirus is gaining momentum, it is not easy for the interpreter to The last session , to stop to think about death ... ' Covid is a disease that scares me, I am against anti-masks “, had dropped the artist in October 2020, not ready to take the slightest risk.

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