Eco-Friendly Children's Clothing: Top 10 Green Brands

Looking for organic and eco-friendly clothes for your child? We have selected our favorite brands for you, combining quality, style and respect for the environment to dress babies and children in green fashion from head to toe.

  Eco-Friendly Children's Clothing: Top 10 Green Brands

[Updated September 13, 2022] 80 billion pieces of clothing are produced each year and the textile industry is one of the most polluting on the planet, not to mention that our clothes - and those of our children - contain heavy metals, endocrine disruptors and other harmful substances. Enough to make you want to convert to organic textiles, at least for your little darlings whose skin is even more sensitive. Good news, there are many brands offering kids clothing organic and green , but also chic and trendy!

1 - Poudre Organic, the ecological and poetic brand

Parents are at the origin of this brand. When they created it, they imagined what they themselves would have liked to find in the shops: practical, comfortable, durable, eco-friendly clothing ... And without breaking the bank. Poudre Organic uses organic fabrics, GOTS and/or Oeko-Tex certified and, if possible, materials that require little energy to manufacture. The clothes are made in Portugal. The brand offers collections for babies, children and teenagers, but also for women to have a matching mother-child look !

Robe Lobelia in molleton, 79 euros

2 - Marlot Paris, the slow fashion

The designer of Marlot Paris is a follower of slow fashion, that is to say timeless and durable clothes . For its collections, always a bit bohemian and romantic, the manufacture is made in short circuit, in Europe and mainly in Portugal. The clothes are designed for babies, children and women, and are made of Oeko-Tex certified fabric, that is to say free of substances harmful to health and the environment.

  marlot paris
Loulou hooded sweet, 50 euros

3 - UPÉ Family, the recycled clothing brand

Based on the observation that fashion is the second most water-consuming industry and that it generates a lot of waste, Marine Attane decided to launch UPÉ, a clothing brand eco-responsible for kids . This mom's project is to create clothes for children and adults, made with yarn made from recycled clothes and plastic bottles. We thus obtain eco-responsible clothing, who additionally have label OEKO-Tex Standard 100, and which are designed and manufactured in France. With this process, 5000 liters of water are saved per sweater for example.

Pretty eco-responsible sweatshirts at 55 euros

4 - Perpète, sustainable and eco-responsible clothing

Perpetual is a mark bio et éco-responsible for children and, more recently, for adults. It offers practical and resistant clothes for little ones aged 3 to 8 years old. Durable and made of organic cotton (GOTS certified), these trendy models will shake up the codes with an innovative concept. Their particularity? When they get too small, we can send them back to the mark ! They will then be sorted and analyzed to be repaired and resold second-hand, or recycled to make other collections. In exchange, one receives a voucher for 10 to 40%, depending on their condition, of the original sale price!

Water green Dreamy long-sleeved T-shirt, 37 euros

5 - Coq en pâte, 100% ethical creation

The brand of clothing and fashion accessories for children Rooster in Paste places ethics at the heart of its entire creative process: Thus, in addition to using fabrics in organic cotton , mark it supports NGOs which act for the conservation of wild life, and finance programs for the education of children in the preservation of the environment. In terms of style, the mark of the brand is animals: owls, seals, penguins, foxes... from the savannah to the ocean via the polar world, honoring wildlife for the delight of all- little ones!

Giraffe knit sweater, 49.90 euros

6 - Les Petites Choses, natural elegance

The small things is a French clothing brand for children and infants, based in Montpellier. It offers a range of charming and comfortable eco-friendly basics - t-shirt, shorts, pants, dresses, etc. - in order to sensitize your child from an early age to a cooler and more fashionable green .

  The small things
Combinaison in Oeko-Tex molleton, 55 euros

7 - La Queue du Chat, la plus feline des marques bio

If you like organic food and cats , you will love renewing your child's wardrobe with the brand's clothes The Queue du Chat . Here the production is intended to respect the environment and the well-being of the craftsmen. On the look side, be warned, each piece (100% organic cotton and certified GOTS ) will make you purr.

Body Elan, 22.90 euros

8 - Prairymood, the eco-chic kids & babies concept store

At the house of Prairymood , each garment shown is designed in organic, natural and recyclable material , responsibly by creators engaged in a ethical approach and basically made in France . You will also be charmed by the variety of original and stylish models ranging from pajamas, bodysuits, slippers, hats, mittens or socks. The brand also offers cuddly toys, toys and childcare accessories.

Barboteuse in organic cotton, 19.90 euros

9 - Risu Risu, the eco-french

The French brand RisuRisu offers clothes knitted from organic cotton flower grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers or GMOs. All fabrics are soft and labeled GOTS and printed with organic paint . Good for health and the planet. His +? The colors of its elegant pieces reminiscent of nature.

Adventure dress, 79 euros

10 - Little woude and her changing clothes

Reversible striped tank top, 26 euros

By offering evolutionary clothes that the child will be able to wear longer, Little forest saves you a lot of money and avoids wasting clothes. No more bodysuits or pajamas worn for 3 months at most. Here, the garment grows with your baby thanks to a pressure system to adjust the length, and an elastic band to obtain the right width. Dresses, overalls, skirts, shorts, cardigans, t-shirts or even coats, create a durable wardrobe for him by choosing from the 3 sizes available: 6 months to 2 years / 2 to 4 years / 4 to 6 years.