Easter egg hunt: how to organize it?

Ideas for hiding places, original egg hunts at home or in a park... Our advice for celebrating, as it should be, the most gourmet party of the year.

  Easter egg hunt: how to'organiser ?

The egg hunt is the long-awaited activity of little gourmets, as the Easter holiday approaches. Like a treasure hunt, we go in search of chocolates and we hope to come back with the biggest loot, in a basket full of sweets. Eggs and chickens chocolate , Easter bunnies... are to hide in the garden, in a park or at home. But then, what hiding places to use to place his chocolate eggs? What activities to offer to the little ones around Easter?... Our ideas for celebrating the most gourmet party of the year with the children.

An egg hunt in the garden

If you are lucky enough to own a garden, or a terrace , do not hesitate to hide chocolates of all kinds in flowerpots, corners of the garden, behind trees or in the doghouse. Children will love running around to be the first to find as many chocolate eggs as possible. To spice up the egg hunt a bit, even if it means directing your children by revealing a few clues to them, bury the chocolate treasure in a box: they will then have to find the place to grab it with the help of a shovel.

Where to hide Easter eggs in an apartment?

You have chosen to organize the egg hunt indoors? This does not mean that it will be less, quite the contrary! The hiding places are also more numerous than in a garden, and therefore less obvious. It's a real treasure hunt that you can organize for young and old. Ideas for hiding your Easter eggs in the apartment? Tuck a few behind a plant or flowerpot, under the kids' bed, in coat pockets, in Dad's slipper, in the bottom of Sam's school bag, or in Mom's purse. .. You can also lay a roll of paper towels on the table and put some chocolates inside... In short, do not hesitate to exploit all the rooms of the house, all the objects, and give them a few clues at each step to put them on the right track.

What are the best egg hunts in France?

Parks, zoos and even the most prestigious castles organize unique and memorable egg hunts for children. Discover the best egg hunts organized during the Easter week end :

Activities to prepare the best egg hunt

Before you go hunting, you still need to be well equipped! Take advantage of the spring holidays to prepare with your children pretty wicker baskets or a bag in the shape of rabbits, Easter garlands for the decoration of the living room, or an essential activity: the painting easter eggs or surprise chocolate eggs, for a successful and personalized party! See all the Easter tutorials on Hugo the Snail.

Toys to hide for the Easter egg hunt

Desire to' organize an original egg hunt ? Opt for glowing eggs to hide in the apartment. To find them, the little detectives will have to bring flashlights (you can exceptionally lend them your smartphone to light up the rooms). To change traditional chocolate eggs, why not hide toy eggs ? Children will be delighted to go in search of the famous hatchimal eggs , LOLs or Playmobil eggs ... which each contain small surprises and characters to collect.

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