Dupont de Ligonnès, hidden in Thailand, 'more muscular' and long hair?

Is Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès hiding in Thailand? A woman claims to have seen the most wanted fugitive in France...

 Dupont de Ligonnès, hidden in Thailand,"plus musclé" et les cheveux longs ?

Is Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès still alive? Since his disappearance after the quintuple murder of his wife Agnès and their four children, Arthur, Thomas, Anne and Benoît, which occurred in April 2011, several people thought they saw the most wanted fugitive in France over the years. But one user testimonial , published on a forum in 2018, particularly raises suspicions. The woman who believes she saw XDDL said she was vacationing in Jomtien, Thailand, when she noticed a man disembarking in front of a restaurant ' on scooter type Honda Moove noir '.

Helmet and strange resemblance to XDDL

The man was wearing a helmet , a strange fact according to the Internet user, who clarified: ' Who wears a helmet in Thailand if not to avoid unexpected police checks? ' . The stranger then took off his helmet to settle in the restaurant.

' I then say to myself: ' Looks like that motherfucker from XDDL '. I had a visual flash, because I had seen before leaving a rebroadcast on TV on his case. There I fell on my ass: it was him, the hair a little longer, mid-length, more muscular because I think he does bodybuilding, as there are sports clubs in all neighborhoods and residences in Thailand “, she then told. Was it indeed the suspect of the fivefold murder? Mystery.

XDDL, hidden in Thailand?

Could XDDL be in Thailand? Bruno de Stabenrath, a former close friend of Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, had in any case explained in his book The Impossible Friend: ' I see Xavier well in Thailand : in one night, he could go to Burma, Laos or Cambodia - and from there to Vietnam '.