Dulux Valentine Color of the Year 2023: Bamboo Deciphered

Dulux Valentine's Color of the Year 2023? Bamboo. Like every new school year, the paint brand has unveiled its new trendy color to adopt and its palette of inspirations. We tell you all about this shade that you will soon see everywhere.

  Color of the'année 2023 Dulux Valentine : Bambou décrypté

Every year, Dulux Valentine brings together international experts to share their thoughts and predictions on future trends. After Terre d'Argile in 2021 then Bleu Horizon in 2022, the color of the year 2023 has just been unveiled and it's called Bamboo ! Why this color? How to use it indoors and with what combinations? Colorful decryption with Dulux Valentine.

Bamboo, color of the year 2023

As its name suggests, Bamboo derives its inspiration in nature and it was obvious for the Dulux Valentine teams who wanted the tint to be part of environmental issues. The color and its associated palette reflect the benefits and lessons to be drawn from nature while offering a certain comfort . The set aims to bring the magic of nature into all interiors.

Bamboo, color of the year 2023

How to use Bamboo in its decoration?

Easygoing, positive and luminous, this natural shade will match all styles of decoration . Its natural appearance gives it a certain neutrality and allows it to be skilfully combined with both contemporary and more classic decoration. Throughout a room, on a section of wall or to highlight details, the Bamboo color will find its place in the living room and bedroom but also in a kitchen or bathroom .

With which shades to associate Bamboo, the color of the year 2023?

To pair the color of the year 2023 Bamboo, Dulux Valentine unveils four palettes to match four styles. The first associates Bamboo with a palette Brute but gentle to create a feeling of fullness. In concrete terms, you can combine it with brown shades such as Terre d'Argile, Havana, Marron Glacé, Biscuit, Voile Blanc, Wengé...

Palette Brute

The Lush palette reveals even more nature-focused combinations with green and brown tones. The set is then very soothing while offering a fairly deep color rendering. These pairings will work well for creating a relaxing environment in the bedroom, comforting in the living room, or bringing nature into the kitchen. The colors to combine with Bamboo: Sweet Dawn, Tropical Green, Artichoke Heart, Emerald or Willow...

Luscious Palette

The Floral palettes reveals a warmer harmony by combining Bamboo with warmer colours. They evoke the biodiversity of the colored meadows and the whole will then be more dynamic while remaining harmonious. Shades to remember: Saffron Yellow, Rose des Sables, Mocha Latte, Old Rose, Terracotta...

Floral Palettes

The Fluid palette is inspired by the seaside and relies on an association between Bamboo and shades of blue and gray. Neutral and natural, this palette will bring freshness and elegance to any room in your home. The colors to adopt: Horizon Blue, Gray Concrete, Grain of Sand, Trendy Gray, Indigo Blue...

Fluid Palette

Where can I find the 2023 Dulux Valentine color of the year?

You can find the Bamboo color in all the DIY stores offering the Dulux Valentine offer and on the site of the brand . It is available in the Crème de Couleur range in 2.5L format at a price of 49.90 euros, 0.5L at a price of 22.90 euros and in tester format at a price of 2.60 euros . The Dulux Valentine Visualizer application, available on the Apple store or Android, allows you to put the color on your walls before adopting it. It will also help you calculate the amount of paint necessary for your project.

Source journaldesfemmes.fr