Dry lips: what to do to hydrate them quickly?

The cold is back and attacks our lips which are prone to dryness. Follow our remedies, tips and natural recipes to find soft lips.

  Dry lips: what to do to hydrate them quickly?

What causes dry lips?

Like the rest of the face and body, the lips must be cared for throughout the year. And this remark is even more valid when the winter season arrives which can quickly mistreat the areas and the sensitive skins . The guilty ? Changes in temperature, humidity, wind and cold air that dehydrate the epidermis and make it more vulnerable e. So, to avoid damaging your beautiful smile and suffering from chapping or unsightly dead skin, it is essential to set up an adapted care routine.

How to treat dry lips?

To have healthy lips, don't skip the step of exfoliation which is done once a week at most. This will allow you to gently get rid of dead cells that really alter the appearance of the lips. To apply it, nothing more simple, pass the scrub on your mouth in small circular motions then rinse with water. You can make this scrub yourself or buy it ready-made in stores. Be careful all the same to choose it exclusively dedicated to this sensitive area of ​​your face. After exfoliating, you can move on to hydration . Always carry a lip balm in the form of a stick for more practicality (prefer the jar format for the home) but do not use it excessively either. It is certainly necessary to hydrate but know how to determine the right balance so as not to accustom your skin too much. Otherwise, over time, the balms will no longer have any effect on you. Choose for example pure coconut oil or a treatment rich in shea , honey, beeswax, olive oil or cocoa butter for example because these ingredients are infallible to hydrate and sustainably nourish your mouth.

How to cure dry lips naturally?

You can absolutely opt for a homemade recipe or a grandma's recipe to pamper your lips.

  • Lip scrub : Mix in a bowl a teaspoon of sugar with a teaspoon of honey. Gently massage your lips with this preparation. Sugar naturally exfoliates while honey hydrates in depth.
  • Moisturizing lip care : Mix one teaspoon of olive oil and one teaspoon of beeswax with a few drops of water. Melt in a saucepan over a bain-marie. Wait for the mixture to cool and apply.
  • Nourishing lip mask : Mix in a container a teaspoon of coconut oil and a teaspoon of honey. Apply the paste on your lips for 15 minutes.

How to moisturize your lips overnight?

If your lips are already chapped and damaged, pamper them properly. Apply a layer of petroleum jelly then leave on overnight. You can also use honey for its softening and healing properties. Your lips will be repaired and soothed.

What are the actions to avoid?

Avoid moistening your lips with your tongue. They risk drying out even more because of the humidity, which has a very negative effect on the thin and sensitive skin of the lips. If you have already damaged lips, just forget about them lipstick too bright, too dark or matte . They would only highlight your little flaws and slow healing. So treat yourself before reapplying your favorite lipstick.

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