'Drunkenness, self-disparagement and nullity of a son of': Nicolas Bedos grateful to his ex Mélanie Laurent (but they are angry!)

Nicolas Bedos and Mélanie Laurent lived a love story that ended in a falling out. But the screenwriter, director and actor keeps fond memories of his former companion. And he shares it during his appearance on the show 'En Aparté'.

  'Drunkenness, self-disparagement and nullity of'un fils de" : Nicolas Bedos reconnaissant envers son ex Mélanie Laurent (mais ils sont fâchés !)

Nicolas Bedos never had his tongue in his pocket. It even disturbs sometimes. But he also knows how to be tender and honest when necessary. And he cleverly demonstrated it during his time on the show in aparté on Canal +, presented by Nathalie Lévy. An exercise not always easy since it is a question of revealing oneself, in complete transparency. He came to present his latest film, Masquerade . He also took the opportunity to talk about his relationship with his ex, Melanie Laurent .

Nicolas Bedos and his ex-couple with Mélanie Laurent: what he owes him

In 2010, Nicolas Bedos and Mélanie Laurent enjoyed real success with the play health walk , which he wrote. A success that they live together since they have a romantic relationship , which will not last. The two actors separate and do not remain on good terms. This does not prevent the son of the deceased Guy Bedos from having tender words towards his former companion and the one who held the leading role in his play. ' I owe this young woman a lot, a lot. Life has made us more or less angry since then, but I owe a lot, a lot to this ultra-gifted, ultra-seductive girl, whom I loved quite simply, whom I loved as an artist. . She moved mountains and she got me off a path that went straight to drunkenness and self-deprecation and the worthlessness of a son of a hopeless “, he confided.

Nicolas Bedos had also previously spoken of the actress, telling an anecdote of which he was not proud: ' She picked me up in a deplorable state in a fashionable nightclub, and said: ' I'm ashamed to have loved so much a guy who became this '. '

Nicolas Bedos back at the cinema with Masquerade

If the actors no longer speak to each other today, they both seem to have found their balance, each on their own. 43-year-old Nicolas Bedos is now in a Pauline couple and has just made the film Masquerade with a very beautiful cast. This includes in particular Pierre Niney , Isabelle Adjani, François Cluzet and Marine Vacht.

The main theme of this movie? Desire. ' I was very keen to create, for today's teenager, what I felt as a teenager yesterday. Long before putting my hand on the knee of a schoolgirl, I discovered desire through the cinema ', explains the director to TF1. ' It's a portrait of two very angry, misunderstood, abused women played by Marine Vacth and Isabelle Adjani . And also the portrait of men who can't hear, can't understand “, he completes.

For her part, 39-year-old Mélanie Laurent recently made The Fools' Ball but also directed the Fanning sisters, in an adaptation of Kristin Hannah's work, The Nightingale . She is also mum to Leo, 9, and daughter Milla, 3.

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