Do you have those old toys at home? They can be very expensive

Many retro toys from the 70s-80s and 90s are highly sought after by enthusiasts and collectors. Some of them are resold today at exorbitant prices on the Internet. Here are 11 old toys you may still own that could be worth a fortune.

  Do you have those old toys at home? They can be very expensive

In a cupboard, box or attic, you have certainly kept the old toys of your children or even your own. If so, you may be in for a bargain if you plan to resell them today. And for good reason, on the Internet, many childhood toys are highly sought after by collectors, especially those from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Some figurines, cards, dolls or old game consoles can sometimes sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This is because these products have become rare. Most are no longer made and some at the time were produced in small quantities. On the other hand, these old toys can become fashionable again and demand can quickly drive up resale prices.

Among the most coveted retro toys are the original barbie dolls , THE cartes Pokemon Illustrator , but also the old My Little Pony figurines , those of the Star Wars saga, the Ninja Turtles, or even the first bateau pirate de la marque LEGO . Here's a breakdown of old toys that can fetch high prices today:

1- Barbie dolls from the 50s and 60s

THE Barbie originals from the 50s and 60s , in perfect condition in their packaging, sell for hundreds of euros depending on their rarity. On Ebay, you can find advertisements on the model of the Barbie collector doll groovy 60s at the price of 100 euros, or the model Disney Mouseketeer Barbie Doll 1955,  at 150 euros. Some Barbies from the 70s, 80s and 90s are also worth a fortune, such as the Barbie Malibu 1970 which can reach 290 euros.

2- Les figurines My Little Pony vintage

Some figurines My Little Pony vintage  can reach prices of up to 200 euros, and abroad, thousands of dollars. On Ebay, the model My Little Pony Mommy Sunbright worth 180 euros, the model My Little Pony Snuzzle Drop is priced at 120 euros. In the United States, ads show the model My Little Pony Sweet Scoops at 765 euros, or the modèle rare My Little Pony Mimic Twinkle Eyed Ponies de 1987 at 500, 600 and more than 700 euros.

3- Les figurines Star Wars

the famous saga Stars Wars and its derivative products, in particular the figurines of the emblematic characters, can be very expensive. This is the case of the figurine Stars Wars Darth Vader the 1978 which is displayed at more than 600 euros. There is also the figurine  Star Wars 1978 - Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi sold for more than 500 euros, and sometimes even for more than 1,000 euros, the figurine Stars Wars Garde Imperial Kenner de 1993 , still in packaging, at 199 euros, or the figurine Stars Wars Sandtrooper VC112 at 150 euro.

4- Old Polly Pocket Boxes

THE Polly Pocket , these small boxes that contain various universes and small figurines, have come back into fashion in recent years. On online resale sites, you can find ads for Polly Pocket vintage more than 20, 30 or 50 euros. The most sought-after models are the large sets, the most complete, and those that date back several years. For example, a lot Polly Pocket Stamp School creche de 1992 is sold at a price of 89 euros on Ebay. The and Polly Pocket Bathroom ring and party is displayed at 250 euros.

5- Hot Wheels vintage cars

THE Mattel Hot Wheels Toy Cars , and more particularly collection models , are highly sought after. THE models from the 60s and 70s , with a specific color, are very rare. Prices can quickly soar on resale, especially for the car Hot Wheels Blown Camaro 74 in the Dark Red colourway which retails for over $800. There Hot Wheels 1969 Dodge Charger Orange Red is priced at more than 400 euros, and the Hot Wheels Porsche 964 Magnus Walker black is sold for more than 700 euros.

6- Nintendo's Game Boy Color

At the game console level, the Nintendo Game Boy Color generates a lot of interest. This portable console, in the color Turquoise Blue above all, is offered for resale at more than 150 euros. Some gameboy color games resell as expensive, including Pokemon video games.

7- Ultra-rare Pokémon Illustrator cards

In recent years, some pokemon cards sell for gold! Collectors are willing to pay dearly for some vintage ones, such as the ultra-rare Pokémon Illustrator cards. For example, the Pikachu Illustrator card was put on sale on the Ebay site at 1 million euros. A record sum which is explained by the fact that this card only exists in about ten copies in the world. Among the other sought-after Pokémon cards, there are also Ectoplasma Ex Fire Red Ultra-Rare Leaf Green which displays a price of 4,500 euros, or even Suicune 27/64 Edition 1 Neo Revelation whose price is 590 euros. So feel free to rummage through your old Pokemon cards and type their names on the internet, you might be surprised!

8- The old Ninja Turtle figurines

THE figurines vintage Ninja Turtle , from the comic strip of the same name created in 1984, can sell for very high prices today. For example, the Ninja Turtle Donatello from 1988 is on sale at over 197 euros, the same for the Ninja Turtle Krang's Android Body from 1994. Other figurines from the same universe are worth more than 50 euros.

9- The first LEGO pirate ship

THE vintage and sealed LEGO boxes can be worth a fortune. THE first pirate ship of the brand, the model Black Seas Barracuda 6285 , is sold for more than 300, 500 and sometimes even 1,000 euros. Some LEGO figurines, inspired by the universe of a television saga, can also be resold at a very good price. Here again, it is enough to take note of the prices which are proposed according to the models.

10- The Panini football vignettes

You may have bought them when you were younger, Panini foot cards are coveted again and especially the soccer world cup complete albums or of national competitions . Some albums like that of French football championship of 93 can be put on sale for more than 240 euros.

11- The Furby stuffed animals

THE furby plushies , a bit frightening, resell very well too. Depending on its rarity and color, you can get hundreds or even thousands of dollars. THE Furby Jester 70-899 from 1998 can be resold for more than 400 euros. Another model, the 1998 Furby Tiger Hi-C is displayed at 1,530 euros. The most expensive Furby is a 1998 model in green color: it was auctioned in 2019 at over $5,000.

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