Divorce of Adrien Quatennens: his wife files a handrail, violence in question?

On September 13, the Canard Enchaîné revealed the existence of a handrail filed by Céline Quatennens against the one who is, for the moment, still her husband, Adrien Quatennens. In response, the couple demands 'respect' for their 'private life'.

  Divorce from'Adrien Quatennens : son épouse dépose une main courante, des violences en cause ?

La France Insoumise finds itself once again in spite of itself in the heart of the storm. And for good reason, a few weeks after the opening by the Paris Public Prosecutor's Office of a preliminary investigation for 'sexual assault and harassment' against Éric Coquerel, deputy France Insoumise and president of the Finance Committee of the National Assembly, it's Adrien Quatennens' turn to make people talk about him .

What is reproached to Adrien Quatennens, in full divorce

It's the Chained Duck who revealed the information on September 13, 2022: after a dispute related to their ongoing divorce, the wife of the number 2 of France Insoumise, Céline Quatennens, filed a handrail against the one who is still her husband . Yes, but now, this handrail should never have ended up in the press. And for good reason, by depositing it, the wife of the deputy La France Insoumise would have explicitly asked the police not to disclose her . She even claims to have asked that no legal proceedings be taken against Adrien Quatennens. Immediately after this revelation, the couple therefore issued a press release, posted online by his lawyer Me Jade Dousselin, to make things clear. The Quatennens spouses claim black on white 'the respect' of their 'private life' .

'Like millions of French people, we are currently experiencing a difficult divorce situation that we intend to achieve amicably' : thus begins the said press release shared on social networks by Adrien and Céline Quatennens. 'Following an argument after announcing his desire to separate, Céline Quatennens filed a handrail, specifying to the police officers who heard her that she did not wish to file a complaint, nor that there be legal consequences for this handrail. and that she demanded that the information not end up in the press' , they wrote. Before explaining having learned 'through lawyers' that the Lille Public Prosecutor's Office had taken up this case and that they regret that the daybook has 'leaked immediately' . 'We intend to protect our privacy and that of our family, ask for respect to find the path to appeasement' , they conclude their text of about fifteen lines.

Why did the prosecution take up the case?

But then, why did the Lille Public Prosecutor's Office take up this case even though Céline Quatennens had explicitly requested that no prosecution be made and that the handrails are not intended to open a judicial investigation? Quite simply because an exception exists in the context of suspicions of domestic violence. Indeed, pursuant to the protocol relating to the processing of daybooks and reports of judicial information on domestic violence of November 13, 2013, police and gendarmerie officials are obliged to transmit some of this information to the Public Prosecutor. Republic. There is nothing to explain, however, that the procedure was immediately found in the press. Me Jade Dousselin, the lawyer for the deputy of the 1st district of the North and his wife, has not yet given any other details.

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