Disappearance of Helena: what happened to the 21-year-old nurse? A man confesses

About ten days after the disappearance of a 21-year-old young woman, a man surrendered to the police. What happened to the student nurse vanished after a night out at a nightclub?

  Disappearance of'Héléna : qu'est-il arrivé à l'infirmière de 21 ans ? Un homme avoue

A disturbing disappearance, mysterious circumstances... Héléna Cluyou has not given any sign of life for more than a week and the concern was great in Brest . But some answers have been found... Unfortunately, it is likely that the missing woman will not be found alive. The 21-year-old woman disappeared on the night of Saturday January 28 to Sunday January 29. As investigators found themselves at an impasse, a man involved in a car accident gave himself up to the police this February 4, announced The Telegram .

Disappearance of Héléna Cluyou: the suspect would have hidden her body

The suspect would have knocked down the young woman on the evening of January 28, when she was returning from a nightclub . The 37-year-old allegedly then took away Helena's body and would have hidden it . But he tried to kill himself. Taken to hospital, he allegedly tried to kill himself again and his vital prognosis is currently engaged . His car was set on fire. As for the body of the deceased, it remains untraceable.

The public prosecutor of Brest, Camille Miansoni, explained that a man had confessed to his brother that he had committed ' nonsense '. But the magistrate insists: ' The You have to keep a certain distance before drawing conclusions. The track of the accident is a hypothesis for the moment '. He clarified that, for now, the matter is ' far from being elucidated'.

Where was Helena last seen?

According Le Figaro , the young woman, student nurse, is leaving the disco alone when she had her mobile phone charged within the establishment. Around 6 a.m., Helena borrowed a phone to call a friend via Instagram, but she didn't answer. A CCTV image taken at 6:42 a.m. shows that the young woman then decided to walk back to her grandparents' home where she was staying.

This is where she vanished. A call for witnesses was then launched. ' There was no reason for her not to go home and not answer her friends anymore. It didn't seem consistent with what her friends were saying about her. “, explained the public prosecutor Camille Miansoni, on February 2.

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