Dirty Soda: This Drink Invented by Mormons That Threatens Your Health

On TikTok, Americans only talk about her. This drink with a quick and simple recipe appeals to many people, despite its excessive sugar content.

  Dirty Soda: This Drink Invented by Mormons That Threatens Your Health

The recipe takes of them ingredients but its success is resounding. 'Dirty soda', literally translated as 'dirty soda', is quite simply a mixture of a soda with a scented cream and a drop of citron vert . On the TikTok social network, #dirtysoda accumulates more than 82 million views and some of the videos featuring this drink have been 'liked' more than 300,000 times . One of the most popular recipes for this fashionable drink can be summed up in a few words. Just mix a tail ( Dr Pepper, Coke, Pepsi ...) with coconut cream and add some juice citron green ice cubes and voila !

But the most daring can find their happiness (or not) in other mixtures surprising like variations with blue Powerade instead of cola or raspberry cream instead of coconut cream. Otherwise, you can always opt for an orange soda, it's up to you...

Why is it a problem?

But of course there is a this . If this drink seems to delight all TikTok users filming themselves tasting it for the first time, health specialists are frightened. And they have good reason to be. As a reminder, a can of 33 cl of soda is approximately equivalent to 35 grams of sugar . Add to that the scented cream and the combo is 'explosive'. In addition to being grasse , this type of cream is very sweet . For exemple, 100 grams of coconut cream contain 330 calories according to the US Department of Agriculture. However, the success is resounding and this drink, although viral recently, is not new.

Where does dirty soda come from?

To return to the origins of this drink, head to the western United States, in l' Utah . There more than 60% of the population belongs to the church Mormon . This detail is very important since it means that the majority of the population of this State neither consumes nor coffee , is alcohol , nor even tea . This part of the population has therefore fallen back on the sodas . It is under these conditions that the fast-food chain Swig was born and decided, in 2011, to market this famous mixture, their drink signature .

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In December 2021, recalls the newspaper West France , Olivia Rodrigo is posted in photo on the Instagram account of the famous brand Swig . The singer, followed by more than 27.8 million people on Instagram, launched a wave of interest in the drink, well beyond Utah. For now, if the recipe can easily be followed to the letter home , the dirty soda is not yet marketed in France.

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