Diego Alary releases a new cookbook

Revealed in Top Chef season 11, Diego Alary is a hit with his recipes filmed on TikTok. The young cook will even open his first restaurant in Paris. Here is his biography.

  Diego Alary releases a new cookbook

[Updated September 16, 2022 at 12:20 p.m.] Diego Alary is back with a new recipe book ever more attractive and accessible. The young chef has in fact imagined a 'Guide to easy and inexpensive recipes' to redo at home for students or those who wish to cook without taking the lead.

In this new book, Diego Alary reveals tips - like using yogurt lying around in the fridge to turn it into a cheesecake or how to make a corn cake with a simple can of corn. Other recipes include fried rice with leftover rice and other cheap but terribly good dishes. the old Top Boss also plays the accessibility card in terms of the price of his book, sold for only €10.90 on are internet sites . To learn more about Diego Alary, here is his biography.

Biography of a football fanatic chef

Born in 1998 in Ivry-sur-Seine, Diego Alary bears the first name of a famous footballer. That's good: the round ball is the first passion of the young man. 'I started football at the age of 6 or 7. I played for US Ivry, which will remain my favorite club, my lifelong club. We had a great team' , he confides to So Foot. As a teenager, he dreamed of becoming a professional defender. He even passed the tests to join the INF Clairefontaine. But a terrible leg injury (tibia-fibula fracture) changed his fate. 'After that, I couldn't walk for a year: six months in a wheelchair, six months in a cast, and rehabilitation... At first I thought I was going to be able to resume my career but I felt good it wasn't like before, so I made the choice to stop there and focus on another career.'

One evening, alongside his mother, an excellent cook, he watches the program Top Boss . He then decides to visit Jean Imbert, just winner of the third season. 'I pushed the door of his restaurant and he took me on an internship for a month. I learned very quickly and that allowed me to have a background before starting the Ferrandi school to obtain a CAP In two years' , he explains to Ouest France.

His first experience takes place at La Monnaie de Paris, the three-star table of Guy Savoy . Then, at just 18, he took up a position as chef at the Simone restaurant in Paris. His greatest experience? His two years spent in the kitchen at Plaza Athenée d' Alain Ducasse . In 2019, he took over the restaurant Les Pères Siffleurs, a small bistro in 15 and arrondissement where he delivers French cuisine with spicy and South American touches. Generous portions, controlled cooking, successful presentations: the young man signs a promising start.

Does Diego Alary have a restaurant?

The same year, he joined the 11 and season of Top Boss . Benjamin of the competition, he benefits from the advice of Philippe Etchebest and Michel Sarran to progress. His lively, sparkling and spicy cuisine seduced him and led him to the quarter-finals. A great performance. 'It's a springboard that saved me a few years. (…) J I keep only positive because I was able to meet very good leaders, good candidates. That's what matters'

In the wake of this media coverage, Diego Alary heads to Saint-Tropez to manage an ephemeral restaurant called To Share and imagined by his mentor, John Imbert . Throughout the summer, the chef delivers Mediterranean cuisine with South American flavors. The card symbol? Zucchini flower, a summer vegetable cooked from every angle. 'Frankly, I lived a dream summer, in Saint-Tropez on the famous Place des Lices, I could almost hear the sound of the waves from the terrace , remembers Diego Alary at the Food & Sens site.

Backed by a successful experience, the young chef aims higher and unveils his first solo project. Diego Alary takes over the Wanderlust restaurant in Paris, where he offers a simple and original menu with some recipes shared on his Tik Tok account. A few months later, he signs the menu of the Indie Mountain restaurant in Megève.

On February 6, 2022, Diego Alary reveals on his social networks that he is working on the opening of his very first restaurant, which will open later this year in Paris. The young chef does not reveal more for the moment.

How to describe his cuisine?

While waiting to open his first restaurant, Diego found a particularly addictive playground: social media. If his Instagram account is largely provided, it is on the side of TikTok that he has become a real size. As of January 2022, he has over 2.5 million subscribers, making him the most followed French cook on the platform!

What are its emblematic recipes?

On the TikTok social network, Diego Alary offers simple recipes - in the form of one-minute video pellets - that can be reproduced at home. The one that made him famous is the Guacamole flambéed with tequila, a very simple trick that symbolizes his culinary approach.

The chef has already created dozens of successful recipes: spring rolls, spiced pasta, tortillas, cinnamon rolls... While the creations are not lacking in calories, they will awaken the taste buds of young gourmets. For Diego, success is already on the way!

Where can I find Diego Alary's books?

On November 17, 2021, Diego Alary released his first cookbook '40 recipes in less than 30 minutes', consisting of 30 new recipes and 10 dishes that were a hit on TikTok. The book, published by Hachette Cuisine, is available in bookstores and can be ordered online. In September 2022, he released a second book, The Guide to Easy and Cheap Recipes, sold exclusively on his website.

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