Didier Barbelivien almost died on an operating table: amazing revelations

Didier Barbelivien escaped death. The 68-year-old singer, who is releasing a new (and final?) album, opened up about the time he almost left this world early...

  Didier Barbelivien almost died on a coffee table'opération : étonnantes révélations

Did you know that Didier Barbelivien had almost die on an operating table ? In October 2020, the 68-year-old singer had surgery for remove one polyp , located at the vocal cords , which prevented him from singing. An intervention he had undergone on the advice of the doctors who followed him. However, this operation, a priori without great danger, almost turned into a tragedy. In the block, the singer-songwriter was the victim of a sepsis and came close to death. ' You narrowly escaped the Michel Drucker special “, he joked this October 30 at the Sunday newspaper . Fortunately, the interpreter of To all the girls avoided this fatal fate.

Didier Barbelivien 'sings better than at 30'

However, the singer has no regrets. On the contrary, shortly after having undergone this operation, Didier Barbelivien spoke at length about the success of this intervention which gave him back a voice of ' young man “, according to his words.” I sing better than when I was 30 “, he had rejoiced with the Berry Republican . And to add: My surgeon told me, 'You've been singing since you were 16 and never saving up'. I sang 4 to 5 hours a day for forty years and in the end, you have to understand that it wears out. The operation went very well. It is very complicated to operate on the vocal cords. Surgery is still something exceptional. It's the first time I've sung since my operation.'

Didier Barbelivien: a last album, really?

If Didier Barbelivien, who has just presented his new eponymous opus, is overjoyed at the idea of ​​​​having found a young man's voice, the 68-year-old singer told France Info that he would no longer release new album. ' This is my last record (...) I'm pretty happy with this disc. In the doubt of the one who will follow where I am not sure, I speak vocally, to still have this fishing and this health. I prefer to say that I won't do any more. I will do, I hope, a lot more for the others, because it is still my first vocation “, he confided.

For the time being, the popular artist - father of Louise and Lola, born of his love with Laure Barbelivien - is in good enough vocal shape to perform in concert, notably in Locminé in February 2023 and in Poissy in March 2023. Not still ready to hang up the microphone, then!

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