Diane Leyre in good shape after illness: as Miss France 2023 (and the trip) approaches, she comments on her year of reign

Following the Miss France 2023 election, scheduled for the evening of December 18, Diane Leyre will give up diamonds and sequins to return to a normal life. In a message posted Wednesday on Instagram, the Miss 2022 shows her gratitude to the French who allowed her to live this experience. His reappearance on the social network also ends up reassuring his fans, worried about his state of health.

  Diane Leyre en forme après la maladie: à l'approche de Miss France 2023 (et du voyage), elle commente son année de règne

This is the end of the adventure for Diane Leyre. A few weeks before the election of the new Miss France , the young woman wanted to thank, in a long text published Wednesday, November 16 on Instagram, the French who allowed her to live this exceptional year. She also addressed this year's candidates, assuring them of her loving support. His message is accompanied by a quick retrospective of his year in photo and video.

Recognition to the French: assessment of his year as Miss France 2022

' I am neither a singer nor a dancer, I have no real talent and yet you have decided to elect me your ambassador for a year. Even today, this is what I repeat to myself constantly to keep this recognition of this life course that I owe only to you' , writes the one who became a radio columnist on Virgin, describing herself as changed by the experience.

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Diane Leyre, big sister of Miss 2023

Visibly ready to turn the page, Diane Leyre wished the 30 Misses who will parade on Saturday evening during the election which will be presented by Jean-Pierre Foucault and broadcast on TF1 . ' To you my little Cinderellas, I wish you enjoy every moment. And I will be by your side throughout, with benevolence and pride, to see this year again modern and accomplished young women put forward their convictions. You will forever be my Miss France to me “, she assures them.

The renewed radiance of Miss France, severely ill

With this message, Diane Leyre also reassures her fans who have been worried since Sunday about her state of health. The 25-year-old Miss had posted a photo that day in an Instagram story where she appeared to be lying down. She explained in the caption that she woke up ' in small shape '.' It's been a long time since I felt this sick ', she continued before listing her symptoms: ' Fever, body aches, chills, everything feels heavy and I have trouble swallowing '. The Parisian also assured that the simple fact of holding her phone in her hands was ' a superhuman effort '. On Wednesday evening, she also published a story ' Natural ', without makeup, in which she appears in form. ' My face is perked up, I'm really starting to get better “, she rejoices.

On the way to Guadeloupe with the contenders for Miss France 2023

Good news, as fears grew about his participation in the Miss trip to Guadeloupe, scheduled for the end of November . Diane Leyre had already gone to the department at the end of July for a location scouting for this trip of the Misses, accompanied by Sylvie Tellier , general manager of the competition (who will give way to Cindy Fabre). Together, they had visited the spice market of the economic capital, before going to meet Guadeloupeans in the Eurogold Destreland jewelry store in Baie-Mahault. They had also attended the election of Miss Guadeloupe.

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