'Despite our pain and an immense loss': After the death of Daniel Lévi, his family makes a big announcement

On the official account of the late singer who died in August 2022, Daniel Lévi's family pays him a new tribute. And above all, she makes a big announcement: she organizes a party in her honor with several artists.

"Malgré notre peine et un manque immense" : Après la mort de Daniel Lévi, sa famille fait une grande annonce

Two months, to the day, after the death of singer Daniel Lévi , who died of a Colon Cancer diagnosed in 2019, his family decided to pay him a beautiful tribute . In a post on the late artist's official Instagram account published this Thursday, October 6, 2022, his wife Sandrine announced that she, her family and their artist friends are organizing an evening in memory of ' our husband and father “, as she explains in the message that accompanies the photo.

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A tribute concert, who are the guest artists?

In the caption of the photo, his wife, Sandrine Aboukrat, explains that ' despite our pain and an immense lack, it is important ' for them to pay tribute to Daniel Lévi. So, with the help of the singer's two sons, Abel and Rephaël, she organized a concert in his memory on Monday, November 7, 2022 where ' his artist friends, his musicians and the Gospel'N Life Harmony will meet on the stage of the Théâtre Mogador to pay tribute to him and perform his most beautiful titles '. Gad Elmaleh , Amir, Patrick Bruel, Julie Zenatti, Victoria Sio, Pascal Obispo or even Frédéric Zeitoun will be present. A way to celebrate the artist during a ' evening of benevolence, solidarity and love in his image '.

What will the money raised be used for?

Sandrine Aboukrat declares at the beginning of the message: ' With the help of D…, we continue on his path… love, sharing and benevolence '. So she explains that all profits from the event will be donated to the Daniel Lévi association and ' will be used to finance the purchase of many pianos that we will deposit in all hospitals , in a dedicated space. Musical entertainment around these pianos will take place regularly throughout the year, provided by artists and musicians. '

His wife recounts: Music was a real remedy for Daniel. During his care and hospitalizations, he sat at the piano and shared with the other patients and the nursing staff what he loved and knew how to do so well... GIVE HAPPINESS TO OTHERS '. This tribute concert is for her and the singer's children a 'dream project '.

A moving tribute in The Voice Kids

During the episode of The Voice Kids broadcast on Saturday, October 1, 2022, one of the candidates celebrated the memory of the singer. Aivan, 13, performed The desire to love of the musical The ten Commandments . His performance shocked viewers and internet users. Immediately after, Sandrine Aboukrat took over the video of the young boy on the official account of the artist.

What cancer did Daniel Lévi die from?

As a reminder, the late singer fought for several years against colon cancer. ' A year before I did my analyses, I had had a warning sign (...) All day it was hell, pain, vomiting and then the next day, nothing ', he said in February 2021 on the show naked star on TF1. After being forced to undergo chemo, he had lost a lot of weight and his voice had weakened. Then, the disease stabilized for a while. ' I took care of myself, I take care of myself. The disease is stable. I stop the chemo which tired me (...) I'm going to attack an immunotherapy protocol (...) It's better, it's fine “, had then declared to Gala in February 2022. Unfortunately, cancer was the strongest.

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