Descendant in astrology: how to find this rather secret sign, the opposite of the ascendant?

If the role of the ascendant is now known in astrology, that of the descendant still conceals a part of mystery which it is important to decipher. How to find it, what it means... We explain everything!

  Descendant in Astrology: How to Find This Rather Secret Sign'opposé de l'ascendant ?

In astrology, the descendant is often a puzzle. Unlike the ascendant, it refers to a part of us that is more secret and more often concealed . How to define descendant? From what data is it possible to calculate it? And above all, what influence does it have on our signe astro ? Our astrologer deciphers for you this concept with sometimes vague contours and helps you to seize the subject to better understand the role of your descendant and to help you to tame it.

What is the astrological descendant?

Less known but no less essential than the ascendant , the descendant is connected to the house VII . Attached to Libra, the 7th house refers to the relationships we have with others. It embraces all social relations and therefore relates as well to romantic relationships than to friendly or professional relationships .

Comment calculator the descendant of son signe astro ?

To calculate your falling sign , nothing's easier ! You just need to know your rising sign and look for its opposite sign . In order for you to find your bearings, know that the opposites are:

  • Ram / Balance
  • Taurus / Scorpio
  • Gemini / Sagittarius
  • Capricorn / Cancer
  • Aquarius / Leo
  • Pisces / Virgo

Thus, if your ascendant is Pisces, your descendant is necessarily in Virgo.

To find his astrological descendant, just take the sign opposite his ascendant

What is the difference between Descendant and Ascendant in Astrology?

The descendant is the opposite sign to the ascendant. . While the ascendant gives us information about our behavior in public and the image we project to others, the descendant tells us more about the relationships we build with others. In particular, it will provide us with valuable information on love compatibility but will also allow us to see, in a more general way, with which signs we seem in agreement and with which signs our hairs can suddenly stand on end...

The influence of the descendant on the astrological sign

In the same way that the ascendant sheds light on our personality by showing us how we present ourselves to others, knowing our descendant will allow us to better understand the connections we have with others . For example, a Sagittarius Taurus ascendant and Scorpio descendant will be able to reflect the image of a stable, persevering and trusting being. The fire of Sagittarius that burns in him will make him a sympathetic and dynamic being. But the descending Scorpion gives us an essential clue about the relationship he has with his other half. Both exclusive and absolutely mistrustful, the Scorpio descendant brings another color to a fire sign ascending Earth. The Water element bursts into the scene and we discover a new facet of the personality of Sagittarius Taurus ascendant . Worried, possessive, attracted by strangeness, the Scorpio descendant singularly nuances the solar personality of Sagittarius.

In astrology, it is not uncommon to consider the descendant as the shadow part that is in us . The inherent personality aspects of our descending sign would be partly those we reject . For example, a Lion ascendant Capricorn and descendant Cancer could live in denial of certain defects specific to Cancer… he could thus not recognize himself at all in personality traits such as anxiety, dependence, melancholy and deny them purely and simply.