Denise Fabre: difficult childhood, marriages, twins... and other secrets

Denise Fabre celebrates her 80th birthday on September 5... And the ex-speakerine, whose giggles marked the French, hasn't lost her cheeky cheeks! Her two marriages, her friendship with Christian Estrosi or her dream of playing in a series: discover the secrets of this daughter of butchers, who despite her apparent joy also tried to commit suicide...

Denise Fabre celebrates her 80th birthday September 5. His good humor, his communicative laughter and his spontaneity have given a facelift to the 60s tv . Now, the ex-speakerine has retired from the small screen and devotes most of her time to her family and her grandchildren, but she is far from having said her last word. Find out which series she would like to star in... well other amazing secrets !

A complicated childhood in a religious boarding school

Denise Fabre was born on (September 1942 in Cagnes-sur-Mer, near Nice Côte d'Azur , of a father and a mother who hold a butcher's shop, but the little girl evolves in a complicated family atmosphere. Very young, after the divorce of their parents , it is placed in religious pension .

' In the refectory, until the end of the first course, we were not allowed to speak. In the dorm, I got punished several times for opening candies under my sheets: the paper made too much noise! The sister would come, very angry, and picket me in the hallway... Looking back, I don't regret it: it gave me a backbone. But at the time, I lived it badly “, she recalled in nice morning . After this difficult episode, Denise Fabre could not breathe because she was then sent to a reformatory .

She tried to kill herself

As she studies in interned , in adolescence, the cup is full. The pressure is too strong, the anxiety too present… and Denise Fabre attempted suicide . ' I work my exams like an automaton. To heal my nervousness and insomnia - I have a lot of trouble getting to sleep - a doctor prescribed me painkillers, the effects of which I don't know. May I be done if I swallow the whole tube ? In any case, that's what I do, one morning, while I'm working on a subject. The time to bring my copy to the teacher's office, I collapse' , she says in her book In the Heart of the Stars (Editions du Rocher).

However, the teenager does not really want to end her life: ' I don't think I ever told myself that I wanted to die. In my head as a sixteen-year-old girl, i just wanted it to stop '.

She seduced Mr. and Mrs. Walt Disney

While the young woman does a series of small jobs and dreams of an air hostess , she meets a production guideline , who offers him to show the city of Nice to a ' American filmmaker who comes, with his wife, to do location scouting for his next film ', according to his confidences to nice morning . Without knowing the identity of this mysterious couple , Denise Fabre accepts… and discovers with amazement that it is about Mr and Mrs Walt Disney , In the flesh !

' For three weeks, I showed them the hidden beauties of Nice and the Côte d'Azur. Them made me discover a world that I did not suspect ! A universe where luxury and simplicity can go together. At the end of their stay, they wanted to take me back with them to the United States. My mother refused... I had to comply with her decision: I was not yet 21 “, she regretted.

She became a speaker thanks to a competition

It is thanks to his best friend (and a happy coincidence) that Denise Fabre enters the world of television . ' Monte-Carlo held a competition, my best friend took part (...) She didn't become an announcer, but she married the program director. That's how she got the idea to ask me to come (...) I was engaged “, she told TV Star .

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She was fired for her giggles

Now announcer on the channels of the ORTF , Denise Fabre is famous for her refreshing spontaneity , which dusts off a stilted and pompous TV. His lots of laughs allow viewers to identify with her… but also earn her a few trouble with superiors .

' I had memos. One evening, there was a drunken party and one of the sports journalists had started to pull down his pants, you can see his underpants. I arrive and I had to announce the mass in Gruyère. Everyone was dying of laughter, me too, they left us in the picture and once the newspaper was finished I had three weeks of layoff “, she remembered at the microphone of France Info .

She married twice

In 1978, 13 years after his first marriage to director Jean-Paul Carrère , Denise Fabre marries the chef Francis Vandenhende , which she also assists in ses restaurants , La Ferme Saint-Simon, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, as well as in The Manor of Paris , in the 17th arrondissement of the capital.

In 1980, they gave birth to twins, Olivia and Élodie , now both married.

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She made a career in politics

Christian Estrosi and Denise Fabre

After gradually withdrawing from the small screen in the 2000s, Denise Fabre began a political career by appearing on the Christian Estrosi's UMP list , in the municipal elections of Nice, in 2008. Then, she was elected city ​​councilor , until 2020 where she bows out for focus more on their grandchildren .

' It was his wish. Denise has a fulfilling grandmother's life full. She was a formidable ambassador for Nice and Christian Estrosi knows that she will remain so because she has Nice at heart. She will occupy the last place on our list, a symbolic place “, had specified Anthony Borré, campaign manager of Christian Estrosi, in nice morning , a few months before the municipal elections of 2020.

What she did for Christian Estrosi

At their nuptials in 2016, Christian Estrosi and Laura Tenoudji benefit from a distinguished guest to officiate the ceremony… As deputy mayor, it is Denise Fabre who is marrying his friend the Aedile of Nice! With such an officiant, there is no doubt that the ceremony took place in joy and good humor .

His dream ? Play in 'Household Scenes'

Denise Fabre's career is busy, but the former announcer still has head full of dreams … including one, quite special! She confided to the microphone of RTL that she would be delighted to play, for one or more episodes, in the series of M6, Household Scenes , next to Marion Game and Gerard Hernandez, which camp the endearing Raymond and Huguette. ' I would like to make you laugh ', she blurted. The call is launched!