Delphine Wespiser broke up with Roger Erhart: 'Ciao Amore'

Delphine Wespiser, Miss France 2012, has just announced her breakup with Roger Erhart. After seven years, their romance ends with a moving message posted by the TV columnist on her Instagram account.

  Delphine Wespiser broke up with Roger Erhart:"Ciao Amore"

Miss France 2012, Delphine Wespiser, announced on her social networks the end of his seven-year-long love affair with nightclub owner Roger Erhart. In a sweet message on his Instagram account posted on September 27 , the 30-year-old columnist looks back on her relationship with her former companion, 26 years her senior, by revealing their separation.

A breakup on good terms?

Delphine Wespiser announced to her 537,000 subscribers on Instagram her separation from her companion of seven years, Roger Erhart. With a tender photo where the couple embraces accompanied by a description full of benevolence, Miss France 2012 declares: ' Because it was him and because it was her, 7 years ago we met in the colored night. He showed me the light, the one that fills his heart. Together, we have lived, travelled, dreamed, built. We loved each other, shared and crossed the mountains, together, always together '.

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To these beautiful words, she adds: ' I wish you all to live a story like the one my beautiful star gave me by making me meet my solar love . A love story against all odds that will embrace my heart and soul forever. Thank you, thank you for everything . I wish you from the bottom of my heart the best for the continuation of the path where I will never be far '. She ends her message with ' Hi love '. This break of maturity and kindness is largely praised in the comments by hundreds of people. Several French celebrities have also declared their support for him during this difficult time.

Delphine Wespiser and Roger Erhart: how long have they been separated?

Rumors of their separation had been circulating for a few weeks already. . Last July, the columnist of the show The 6 to 7 on C8 had sown doubt with a message posted on social networks. In an Instagram story, she wrote: ' If it was supposed to work with this man, it just would have worked. Get up and dry your tears' . In June, she also declared that she did not want to get married. But, a few months ago, on the show Do not touch My TV , Delphine Wespiser was full of praise for her man and in August, Roger Erhart had posted a photo with Miss France 2012, accompanied by a message filled with love. It is therefore difficult to know when the break-up took place.