December 2022 horoscope: what do the stars have in store for you?

Find out now what the last month of the year has in store for you. Sign by sign, our astrologer gives you his predictions for the weeks to come.

  December 2022 horoscope: what do the stars have in store for you?

How does December 2022 look on the astral plane?

The last month of the year could well hold major surprises for native of certain signs . Jupiter , which caused a lot of disruption last month, is moving away, which tends to appease the star climate the general. Thus, the first weeks of December will pass serenely, marked by a certain renewal of optimism and energy. Unfortunately, the context is likely to deteriorate at the end of the month. The last 10 days of December could well be complicated for certain signs, especially those related to the fire element . Indeed, the Sun who enters Capricorn December 21 is likely to lead to a dissonance with Jupiter who arrives in Ram. This phenomenon is likely to be amplified by the mercury retrograde in Capricorn …If you don't want some tension to disrupt the holiday season, try to calm things down instead of adding fuel to the fire! Misunderstandings and words spoken out of anger could have serious consequences.


Be careful, you may experience some changes in the professional but also sentimental field. Ruptures, like rebirths, are possible. The stars also announce a financial upturn. To sum up, this end of the year will lay the foundations for the following year. Read more from Aries December Horoscope .


This end of the year will be rather complicated for people in your current astral configuration. The tests will be mainly at the relational level. Great efforts will have to be made to change the situation. Question health, it will not be very folichon either. A somewhat dark sky will therefore be your daily life for a few weeks. Waiting for a nice thinning to start the following year. Read more from Taurus December Horoscope .


This month of December, for people born under your sign, displays a very favorable sky in the area of ​​love. The professional is also on the front of the stage. And if we add to all that a cloudless health, it is appropriate to announce a holiday season full of joy and sharing. Read more from Gemini December Horoscope .


This month of December, for you, will rhyme with conviviality. You will devote all your energy to pleasing your loved ones. This will lead to overspending. At the professional level, there will be little enthusiasm and a need for a vacation will be greatly felt. Read more from december cancer horoscope .


This end of the year, for people born under your sign, promises to be full of twists and turns. In the professional and personal field, we will have to face many challenges. Which will not displease this fire sign, always quick to take up all challenges. Alas, the enthusiasm will be disturbed by some health problems. Read more from December's horoscope Leo .


This month of December will be rich in emotions for you in all areas, whether personal or professional. The stars will be aligned to offer the most beautiful of configurations. The year will end with a bang and herald an equally exciting start to next year. All that remains is to enjoy it! Read more from december horoscope virgo .


Like the previous month, people with your birth chart will enjoy, in December, a clear and sunny sky. Everything will be green. Work, health, loves, finances, no cloud will darken this period. The year will end in apotheosis thanks to more than memorable parties. Read more from december horoscope libra .


The sky of this month of December announces a lot of investment in work for you, which does not scare you because you are motivated. The loves, they will be mixed and will depend on the influence of the ascendant. Health will be good for the first three weeks. Then it goes bad. Pay attention to the pleasures of the table… Read more Scorpio December Horoscope .


It will be complicated for people of your sign to end the year with a bang in the professional field. Some relational but also motivational difficulties are to be expected. On the other hand, the loves, they will be on the front of the stage. For the rest, you will be immersed in a festive atmosphere. Too much perhaps... Read more Sagittarius December Horoscope .


Congratulation ! In this month of December, you will soon declare victory in the professional field. Ambitions will be fulfilled and the year will end with fireworks. Even if the loves will not be at their peak, morale will be good and all hopes will be allowed. The coming year can be looked forward to with serenity and excitement. Read more from capricorn december horoscope .


For people of your sign, your sky will be contradictory and this month of December will be… ambivalent! If the stars bring good energy during the first two weeks, the other half can be described as melancholy. Fortunately, the year will end in joy and good humor. Enough to look forward to a great next year. Read more from Aquarius December Horoscope .


You may feel a certain dejection in this month of December and dream of vacations that you will rightly consider well deserved. In the field of love, beautiful moments are announced. The stars also indicate special attention for the family and children in particular. Read more from Pisces December Horoscope .