Death of Sihem, found in the forest: the suspect Mahfoud H, cause of death, origin of the tragedy... know everything

Arrested, the main suspect in the case of the disappearance of Sihem, 18, in the Gard, confessed overnight from Wednesday to Thursday. According to information from 'Parisien', Mahfoud H. killed the schoolgirl. His body was found in a forest.

It had been a week since the gendarmerie and the volunteers had returned heaven and earth to find Sihem, an 18-year-old high school girl missing in the Gard . According to information from Parisian , she was finally found dead in a forest in the department on the night of Wednesday February 1, 2023 to Thursday 2. who is the suspect ?

A passage to confession in the night: what happened?

During an umpteenth hearing in front of the gendarmes, The main suspect, Mahfoud H. , would have confessed 'between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m.' , says the newspaper. He briefly mentioned an argument gone wrong . According to him, Sihem was in love with him, but refused to hear from him because she was the cousin of his ex-partner . This topic of discussion reportedly led to an argument and Mahfoud H. allegedly tried to silence the victim by placing his hand over his mouth. She would have suffocated to death .

'He knows that his fault is not forgivable'

Advised by his lawyer, Me Jean-Marc Darrigade, the 39-year-old man indicated on a map the place where he left the body of the young woman . He was referred and imprisoned in the night . 'I assisted a man who decided to face his heavy responsibility in the disappearance of Sihem and put an end to an unbearable suspense for his relatives by guiding the investigators. He knows that his fault is not forgivable, but his silence does not would have only made it worse' , reacted his lawyer, with the Parisian .

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