Death of Lola, 12 years old: 'Your departure today devastates us and annihilates us', strong emotion of his relatives at the funeral

The funeral of Lola, the 12-year-old girl found dead in a trunk, took place on October 24 in Pas-de-Calais. His family, in shock, took the floor to salute his memory.

[Updated October 25, 2024 at 11:08 a.m.] It was a trying day for the parents of little Lola, who died at 12 years old. His funeral took place on October 24, 2022 in a village in Pas-de-Calais. His loved ones, upset but dignified, took the floor to pay tribute to him

Lola's funeral open to everyone, strong emotion of the family

It is therefore this Monday 24 that the funeral of little Lola was held. Appointment was given, in Lilles, in the Pas-de-Calais : the hometown of Lola's mother. The ceremony was held at the Saint-Omer collegiate church , which could accommodate 500 people according to France 3 Upper France , and an audio broadcast was planned outside of the religious building. ' I hope that people will be very sober, very discreet, very respectful and that they will be with the family, to pray for Lola. That's what the family wants “, said Monsignor Olivier Leborgne on France 3.

Lola's funeral was ' open to all those who wish to pay him a last tribute “, said his parents in a press release shared by Lillers town hall and reported by BFM TV , most ' the burial in the cemetery will be done in the strictest privacy '. They added: ' In the dread and pain we're in, we long for peace and contemplation to mourn. For the memory of Lola, we hope that the various ceremonies take place in a spirit of serenity and calm, far from political and media agitation. '

The white coffin, adorned with a bouquet of white flowers, was carried inside the church around 1:45 p.m., followed by the girl's parents, her brothers, her relatives and a crowd of anonymous people in a silence filled with of emotion, then a few musical notes underlines AFP. ' Your departure today devastates and annihilates us. Our grief is immense. Without a doubt, we will strive to honor your memory, my little princess “, claimed a relative. My Lola, my beloved little sister, I hope you can hear me from up there. Unfortunately, you left far too soon. I couldn't tell you how much I loved you. I hope I've been there enough for you in your life. We will miss you “, for his part declared his brother Thibault.

The Lola's mother, Delphine, for her part thanked all the anonymous people who showed their sympathy on Facebook .

Gérard Darmanin expected after parents of Lola

The divisive Minister of the Interior was to attend Lola's funeral. ' No one can put themselves in the place of Lola's parents, to have a child raped and killed. I think everyone, when you're a father like I am - I have two children - thinks that's the most despicable thing (...) Every time there is a child murder, there is a failure of politics, of society and the Minister of the Interior is responsible for what is happening in the country. I really want to persuade each other that we do the best ', he confided a few days earlier in the show Facing Baba , on C8.

Gérald Darmanin was not the only representative of the political class since it was also necessary to count on the presence of the Secretary of State for Children, Charlotte Caubel, and other elected officials, including the RN deputy for the Caroline district. Parmentier. We also got to see Jacques Billant, prefect of Pas-de-Calais.

The suspect has lost both her parents: 'I'm sure she's freaked out'

New revelations have been made about Dahbia B., accused of ' murder ' and ' aggravated rape 'on little Lola, whose body was discovered in a suitcase on October 14, in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. The main suspect, a 24-year-old young woman, grew up in Belouizdad, a popular district of Algiers and lived there. lived a difficult childhood . ' She suffered when she was little. His family was poor. Everyone lived in one room ', explained to the Parisian a distant cousin of the main suspect in Lola's murder.

Then, she entered France legally in 2016 with a student residence permit. With his mother, Mounia, and his two sisters, she moved into an apartment in Bry-sur-Marne, in the Val-de-Marne. Hakim, a family friend who knows Dahbia well, assured the Parisian : ' Her mother was a good woman. She watched her daughters. If one of them came home late, she would ask him for an explanation. She sacrificed herself for the education of her kids '.

Most Dahbia's mother was diagnosed with uterine cancer and succumbed to it. And Hakim to explain: ' She died in Dahbia's arms , I believe it was in 2020 (...) When the mother died, it was no longer the same. I heard bursts of voices that I hadn't heard before. The two sisters shouted at each other. I am convinced that the young woman freaked out when her mother died 'His father had also died of cancer earlier.

Dahbia B., main suspect: revelation about this 24-year-old woman

She is now the main suspect in this sickening case. Monday, October 17, BFMTV revealed that this woman aged only 24, of Algerian nationality, had obtained a student residence permit, which has now expired . She arrived in France in 2016 . In August 2022, while trying to get on a plane, she was arrested by the air and border police because she did not have a valid residence permit . She was since subject to an obligation to leave the territory within 30 days.

Even more surprising, since 2018 she was known to the police and justice services as a victim of domestic violence. His irregular situation in our country has revived the debate in the political class, the National Rally jumping on this affair to put forward one of its favorite themes; the fight against immigration. Divisive debate at a time when France is especially moved by the death of little Lola and her relatives are going through a particularly difficult ordeal.

What did Dahbia B say in police custody? A particularly chilling and inhuman story

As Europe 1 reports, during her custody, the main suspect multiplied chilling statements before more or less retracting. She claimed to have forced Lola to take the elevator to her sister's apartment, where she sometimes stays. She then asked the child to take a shower then sexually abused her . ' I grabbed her by the hair, I put her head between my legs, I had an orgasm ', she confided. She says she has taped the face , which is consistent with the supposed cause of death; asphyxiation.

Not stingy with glaucous details, Dahbia B explained that she then drank a coffee and then listened to music ' before larding with scissors or a knife the body of the young girl, to the point where the head will be almost detached from the trunk. She adds that she drank the victim's blood after putting it in a bottle . '

Shocking statements but the suspect however retracted over the hearings. ' She told a dream and not reality. His remarks are then disjointed. Here she claims to have defended herself against a mysterious attacker with a knife and then fought against a ghost “, write our colleagues.

Dahbia B facing the photo of Lola: a reaction that sends shivers down the spine

During her hearing, the suspect was questioned about the motive for the crime. And, as had already reported The Parisian , everything seems to indicate that it is neither more nor less than a gratuitous crime. 'S elon les propos by Dhabia B., a banal altercation would be at the origin of the dispute between him and the mother of the victim. The latter is a caretaker in the residence. She allegedly refused to give her a 'Vigik pass' to access her sister's building, where she was staying “, adds Europe 1.

During the hearing, the police showed photos of Lola's body to the suspect, who didn't care! ' It doesn't make me hot or cold. I too was raped and saw my parents die in front of me “, she said. Her Mental Health obviously raises questions but ' the psychological behavior examination did not reveal any psychological danger and his condition was deemed compatible with the police custody measure. '

The suspect under close surveillance

After being heard by the police, the suspect was taken to the women's section of the Fresnes remand center. ' From dawn, she was placed in solitary confinement and is already under constant surveillance. ', reports The Parisian . ' She will be examined by a psychiatrist who will render an expert opinion. Depending on this, a decision will be made ', specified a source as for the possibility that it is transferred elsewhere, in particular to receive precise care if its state of mental health is called into question. Everything is done to prevent it from making a suicide attempt or that fellow prisoners, shocked by the case, do not physically attack her. Ditto for the prison staff who have been ' handpicked '...

Brigitte Macron reacts to the death of Lola, Emmanuel Macron receives the parents

While participating in the traditional ELA dictation on October 17, the first lady publicly mentioned the Lola affair. ' We are at the side of students, teachers and of course families. It should never be again. It's terrible (...) As far as children are concerned we have only duties. The first is to protect them, and from all dangers. God knows they are many. At the moment, we have to be particularly vigilant with the youngest because they are extremely vulnerable. This drama should remind us ', she said. The wife of the President of the Republic described as a drama ' intolerable '.

In addition to the intervention of Brigitte Macron , the President of the Republic received the parents of Lola at the Elysée, this Tuesday, October 18. ' He offered them his condolences and assured them of all his solidarity and support in the ordeal they are going through and which upsets us all. “, said the Palace.

This Thursday, October 20, the Institute for Justice has planned a rally in support of Lola's parents and several far-right figures such as Marine Le Pen are expected adds The HuffPost .

A kitty launched for Lola's parents

After being received by the president, Lola's parents - who fled Paris to find temporary refuge in Fouquereuil, a village in Pas-de-Calais - broke the silence on this tragedy. Johan and Delphine exchanged a few words with the mayor of the village, Gérard Ogiez. ' They don't understand, but they are very brave (...) for now, what the parents want most is to get their daughter back. For the rest, the follow-up to the investigation, I can't say that it doesn't worry them, but the main thing is to get their daughter back. “, he said at the microphone of Europe 1 . ' The parents have turned off their phones, they don't watch TV. Above all, they do not want political recovery “, he added to the Parisian .

At the same time, an online kitty was launched to help Lola's parents. ' Hi there. It is with the agreement of the parents that the friends of the family have created this kitty to help and accompany the parents of Lola “, can we read on Leetchi . A date, there are already 3000 participations in the kitty the amount of which is hidden.

What CCTV footage revealed

Friday October 14, Lola, a 12-year-old schoolgirl, did not return home after leaving Georges Brassens College where she was educated , right next to his home, a residence on rue Manin in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. The parents quickly worry about not seeing their daughter return. The mother reports the worrying disappearance of her daughter to the 19th century police station, while the father, a caretaker in the building where they live, decides to view the images taken by the residence's video surveillance cameras.

On the images, he discovers that Lola has returned to the residence on Friday afternoon. He sees Lola in the hall who seems little reassured by the presence of another woman who challenges him. . ' The lady gestures to him as if telling him to come. Lola didn't look reassured at all “, testifies a neighbor who saw the images at the Parisian . The building is then combed through and Lola's family calls for witnesses on social networks to find Lola and this stranger. Several residents recognize the woman and would have seen her pulling a very heavy trunk in the neighborhood.

Sordid and mysterious details, cause of death revealed

The terrible discovery will not be made until later in the evening. At 11 p.m., a 42-year-old homeless man reports to the police the discovery of an opaque box containing the body of the schoolgirl, at the bottom of her building . Lola's lifeless body was hidden by fabrics, two cabin suitcases were placed next to the box. Huddled up, bound hand and foot, her body, which bore a deep throat wound, was marked with inscriptions; two digits, a 1 and a 0.

According to the autopsy, carried out on Saturday October 15, death was due to asphyxiation.

Several arrests, the suspect imprisoned

Investigators from the crime squad quickly took an interest in the young woman, filmed with the girl by CCTV cameras as they entered the building a few hours before the macabre discovery. A suspect noticed several times during the day by residents alerted by her agitated behavior. ' She looked a little disturbed “, even confided a neighbor to LCI. She would have also, according to the testimonies, multiplied the round trips between the building and the street.

The suspect would have offered money to passers-by for help to transport her trunk, specifying that this money came from organ trafficking... Quickly identified by investigators before being arrested on Saturday morning in an apartment in Bois-Colombes, it is Dahbia B., 24 years old and born in Algeria. She has since been indicted and imprisoned in Fresnes.

Four people in total were taken into custody on Sunday evening after the death of the schoolgirl adds The Parisian .

An open judicial inquiry

A judicial inquiry has been opened for the counts of 'murder of a minor under the age of 15 in connection with a rape committed with acts of torture and barbarism', 'rape of a minor aged 15 with acts of torture and barbarism', and 'concealment of a corpse' , learned BFMTV from the Paris prosecutor's office.