Death of Lisa Marie Presley: angry mother contests will! Why ?

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley, was buried on January 22, 2023, at Graceland. Turn of events: his mother, Priscilla Presley, challenges his will...

The will of Lisa Marie Presley will it trigger cascading scandals? According to Page Six , the mother of the deceased, Priscilla Presley, disputes ' authenticity ' and the ' validity ' from his daughter's will . This January 26, the ex-spouse of Elvis Presley went to the Superior Court of Los Angeles to refute a ' alleged amendment added in 2016, which excludes Priscilla Presley from the trust . It was originally appointed as trustee alongside Barry Siegel, the former business manager of the deceased. But a few years earlier, Lisa Marie Presley would have finally named his children, Benjamin Keough (who committed suicide in July 2020 at age 27) and Riley Keough (33 Years). However, Priscilla Presley is convinced that it is not his daughter's signature, which would not resemble his calligraphy. In addition, the latter was not informed of the change in the trust, contrary to the rules in force. For the moment, Riley Keough, the only trustee still alive, has not reacted publicly to her grandmother's challenge.

Lisa Marie Presley: Heartbreaking Tributes at Funeral

The funeral of Lisa Marie Presley took place this January 22 in emotion, at the graceland manor , in Memphis, Tennessee. Before the ceremony, at dawn, many people lined up to attend the event and bid farewell to the King's daughter. The service started with the song Amazing Grace performed by Jason Clark & ​​The Tennessee Mass Choir.

Then, several relatives of Elvis' daughter spoke. Among them, his 33-year-old daughter Riley Keough, actress and mother of the late Priscilla Presley, Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson and singers Billy Corgan, Alanis Morissette and Axl Rose who performed songs in tribute to Lisa Marie Presley. In her eulogy, Sarah Ferguson also paid a subtle tribute to the mother of her ex-husband, the late Queen Elizabeth II, quoting her words: ' Mourning is the price to pay for love '.

Lisa Marie Presley: revelation about her daughter at the funeral

As for her daughter Riley Keough's husband, Ben Smith-Petersen, he revealed that they have both just welcomed a baby girl and said: ' I hope I can love my own daughter like you loved me and my siblings 'Lisa Marie Presley had therefore just become grandmother before she died. Austin Butler , who camped Elvis in the recent biopic of the same name, was present among the guests.

After the ceremony, a procession was made to the 'Meditation Garden', a garden property of Graceland. Then she has was buried in the family estate alongside his famous father, Elvis Presley, as well as his son Benjamin Keough, who died by suicide aged 28 in 2020.

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley, died on January 12 at the age of 54. His mother announced his passing in a statement. ' It is with a heavy heart that I must share devastating news: my dear daughter Lisa Marie has left us. 'said Priscilla Presley.

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How did Lisa Marie Presley die?

According to The Sun , Lisa Marie Presley is died of a drug overdose . She allegedly developed an addiction to prescription drugs. The King's daughter was found unconscious by her first husband who first gave her heart massage. She was then rushed to hospital on the morning of January 12 after a cardiac arrest , then placed in an artificial coma, under respiratory assistance, according to TMZ . She died in Calabasas, California.

' The singer was last seen in public on Tuesday, January 10, when she attended the Golden Globes ceremony with her mother, where actor Austin Butler received an award for his role in the biopic dedicated to his father, Elvis ', does not fail to underline the newspaper Release .

All about Lisa Marie Presley:

Lisa Marie Presley and her private life: marriages

Lisa Marie Presley was married to the musician Danny Keough , from 1988 to 1994. Then she married Michael Jackson in 1994, which she has always defended against charges of pedophilia. ' I am very much in love with Michael, I dedicate my life to my role as a wife. I understand it and I support it. We both can't wait to build a family “, she confided in a press release at the start of their marriage.

In 2002, Elvis Presley's daughter married Nicholas Cage , with whom she formed, for a few months, one of the most glamorous couples in Hollywood. But their marriage seemed doomed already before the ceremony. According to the American media, Lisa Marie Presley would have threw her estimated $65,000 engagement ring into the sea ! If they finally chose to say 'I do', their union lasted only 108 days and their arguments would have been very frequent.

Finally, Lisa Marie Presley got married in January 2006 to her guitarist Michael Lockwood in Japan. Their divorce was finalized in 2021.

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Why didn't she want kids with Michael Jackson?

Lisa Marie Presley refused to have children with Michael Jackson , who ardently desired it, for fear of a possible separation. ' I looked to the future and I thought that I never wanted to fight him for their custody . I wanted to make sure he and I were truly united.' she explained to Oprah Winfrey. The King of Pop, he was particularly saddened by this choice. ' I was heartbroken and walked around with little dolls in my arms all the time and cried. I was determined to have children “, he had explained to the Mirror .

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How many children did Lisa Marie Presley have?

Lisa Marie Presley had two children from her first union, Benjamin Keough , born in October 1992 and Riley Keough , born in 1989. Then, the daughter of Elvis gave birth to twin girls, Harper et Finley Lockwood , fruit of his former love with guitarist Michael Lockwood.

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What was the drama of his life?

Lisa Marie Presley was hard hit by the terrible tragedy she experienced in July 2020: the suicide of his son, Benjamin Keough , who was shot to death. Near People , Elvis' daughter opened up about her throbbing pain: ' Grieving is something you will have to carry with you for the rest of your life, despite what some people or our culture would have us believe. You don't 'get over it', you don't 'move on'. I'm already fighting with myself because I blame myself every day and it's hard enough to live with it '.

Was Lisa Marie Presley close to 'Elvis' actor Austin Butler?

Austin Butler , who plays Elvis in the biopic of the King, reacted to the death of Lisa Marie Presley, with AND! News :' My heart is completely broken for Riley, Finley, Harper and Priscilla following the tragic and unexpected loss of Lisa Marie '. And the comedian adds: ' I am eternally grateful for the time I had the chance to be near its bright light and will forever cherish the quiet times we shared. We will always remember his warmth, his love and his authenticity. '.

Less than two days before her death, Lisa Marie Presley had gone to the ceremony of the Golden Globes , which took place on January 10, 2023, to support the biopic dedicated to his father, Elvis , named in several categories. Actor Austin Butler , who portrays the King in the film, was also awarded a Golden Globe for ' best actor in a drama '.

The speech of the 31-year-old actor was particularly moving: ' I am so grateful for all of this. I'm in a room full of all my heroes. Brad Pitt, I love you. Quentin Tarantino, I printed the script for Pulp Fiction when I was 12. I can't believe I'm here now '.

And the actor did not fail to send all his affection to Lisa Marie Presley and her mother, Priscilla Wagner: ' To the Presley family, thank you for opening your hearts to me, for sharing your memories with me. You are my home. Lisa-Marie and Priscilla, I love you forever '. Lisa Marie Presley was visibly close to Austin Butler as she was spotted with him numerous times during the evening and posed with him, all smiles.

Austin Butler et Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa Marie Presley and fashion: a look back at her looks

The late King's daughter was a regular at notable appearances on red carpet . Relive her looks in pictures!

What was Lisa Marie Presley's fortune?

After the death of his famous father, Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley inherited approximately $100 million and the Graceland home of this one. If her sire died when she was 9 years old, it was at the age of 25 that she was able to receive her inheritance, since he had placed the money in a trust fund . Elvis' daughter had serious differences with his ex-director of finance , Barry Siegel, and his company, Provident Financial Management. She accused him of mismanaging the trust fund left by her father and losing a large portion of the fortune. According to her, he would have paid himself an annual salary of more than 639,000 euros, while he was losing the fortune of Lisa Marie Presley.

Who will return the legacy of Lisa Marie Presley?

Unfortunately, this fortune was quickly squandered and the three daughters of Lisa Marie Presley would not be financially protected. But according to the sayings a family representative to People , they go however inherit the property of Graceland , located in Memphis, Tennessee, whose value is estimated at $5 million but whose maintenance costs are substantial. Near USA Today , Lisa Marie Presley said in 2013: ' Graceland was given to me and it will always be mine, then my children. It will never be sold '. Note that Elvis Presley is one of the most profitable deceased artists, behind Prince and Michael Jackson, According to Forbes, in 2021, the Elvis brand brought in no less than 30 million dollars.