Death of Jonathan Destin at 27, Nicola Sirkis' tribute: 'Always by your side'

Symbol of the fight against school bullying, Jonathan Destin has just died at the age of 27, as announced by his mother in a press release. Many people pay tribute to him.

  Death of Jonathan Destin at 27'hommage de Nicola Sirkis: "Toujours à tes côtés"

For six years, he lived the horror: school harassment, down to his flesh. Out of breath, Jonathan Destin tried to end his life by setting himself on fire. Survivor, he had made his life a testimony to raise awareness of the cause.

Jonathan Destin, victim of school harassment, died in his sleep at 27

It was in a moving press release on social networks that her mother shared the sad news. ' To all those who knew Jonathan, through his story, his book, his film, in schools, who one day met him ', addressing all those who have followed him for so many years, 'I unfortunately have sad news to announce, Jonathan passed away on Saturday at my home in his sleep.' Shocked, as one can only imagine being when one tragically loses one's child, the mother of Jonathan Destin specifies that she will come back to them with more ample information on his funeral.

Death of Jonathan Destin, rain of tributes for the young man harassed at school: 'An angel has left us'

Victim of school harassment from CM2, suffering his ordeal in silence for six long years, the young man had tried to end his life by setting himself on fire then aged 16. Survivor of this accident, burned to 72%, he knew how to draw from himself the strength to alert on this phenomenon which destroys . His book, doomed to kill me (2013), had been adapted for television and had won all the votes. His voice always so right echoed with all those who had lived through the same hell. His death sparked a shower of tributes on social media: ' An angel has left us', 'tremendous sadness', 'your courage, your combativeness against school harassment will not be in vain'. .. touching sentences like so many tributes for this young man who we tried to break.

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Death of Jonathan Destin, the tribute of Nicola Sirkis

The mayor of Marquettez-les-Lille where Jonathan lived confided his emotion to The voice of the North : ' I am particularly affected by his death, his life was terrible from an early age' , he confided. 'I know he was in a lot of pain from his burns and the many surgeries he had Singer Nicola Sirkis, who had been involved in a campaign against school bullying alongside Jonathan, also paid tribute to him. 'Jonathan, always by your side, forever.' School bullying is everyone's fight, and many people continue Jonathan Destin's awareness work.