Death of Jean Teulé: his body finally returned to Miou-Miou, funeral to come...

The body of Jean Teulé, which was autopsied, was finally returned to Miou-Miou, his beloved companion, according to Here-Paris. The family is about to (finally) say goodbye...

  Death of Jean Teulé: his body finally returned to Miou-Miou, funeral to come...

[Updated November 9, 2022 at 3:39 p.m.] Several weeks have passed since the Death of Jean Teule , who died on October 18 of a food poisoning . However, his body has just been returned to his family and in particular to Miou-Miou , sa veuve, indicate Paris here . While an autopsy had been ordered by the Paris public prosecutor, the medical examiner did not want to issue the burial permit , even if several days had passed since the death of Jean Teulé. If the first conclusions had shown that the novelist had died of cardiac arrest after food poisoning due to a meal in a restaurant where the couple had his habits, the medical examiner certainly wanted to investigate further into the cause of the death of Jean Teule.

' The autopsy and the toxicological examinations, the results of which will decide the possible responsibility of the restaurant, have not yet been communicated. ', we read in Paris here . From now on, the body ' was finally returned to the family, while the funeral was authorized ' . The real grieving process can finally be set in motion. For now, the funeral date was not communicated. ' Jean Teulé will not be able to reach his last home until the light is shed on the drama ', explained Paris Match .

Miou-Miou 'upset' in the face of 'unacceptable' mourning

For Meow-Meow , who has to face the brutal and unexpected death of her companion, the mourning seems insurmountable. Fortunately, in this terrible ordeal, she can count on the support of her daughters, Angèle, born of her former romance with Patrick Dewaere, and Jeanne, the fruit of her love with Julien Clerc. ' Angèle and Jeanne take turns at their mother's bedside to try to make her admit the unacceptable. Miou is totally upset. Angèle and Jeanne support her in this ordeal that affects us all ', we read in Paris Match .

Jean Teulé, died in the arms of Miou-Miou

It was on the night of October 17 to 18 that Jean Teulé breathed his last, while dining with his famous companion a few hours earlier, in a restaurant in the Marais district, in Paris , where the couple used to dine. As often, the novelist had opted for a meatball dish . A few hours later, he felt so bad that he quickly went to the emergency room. ' Sent home, he doesn't feel any better. And on the night of Monday 17 to Tuesday 18, it is in the arms of Miou-Miou that he dies of a cardiac arrest following intoxication ', precise Paris Match.  Miou-Miou would never have dared to imagine having to say goodbye to his companion so suddenly. ' The actress barely has time to call for help. The man of her third life died in front of her, suddenly “, we finally read.

Jean Teulé is dead: the cause revealed

' French comic book writer and author Jean Teulé died on October 18, 2022, RTL learned. The author died of a heart failure confirmed, with RTL, its historical editor Betty Mialet “, specifies the site of the radio. Betty Mialet and Bernard Barrault have the immense sadness to have to confirm that their author Jean Teulé reportedly died last night, October 18, of cardiac arrest ', wrote the Mialet-Barrault editions in a press release. The novelist had joined this publishing house for about two years after having spent his entire career at Julliard. His latest book, entitled Agincourt in rainy weather , was released in February 2022.

Previously, for example, we owed him Bloody Mary , The Suicide Shop , thunder flower or the excellent The Montespan (crowned with awards, Palatine Grand Prize for historical novels, Maison de la Presse 2008 prize, Rabelais Academy prize).

An open investigation?

On the side of France Blue , we can read other information related to the death of Jean Teulé: ' Jean Teulé died at his home in Paris, said a police source. According to the first elements of the investigation, his death could be linked to food poisoning after a meal in a restaurant. “Should we expect an investigation or even an autopsy to find out more?

Additional details revealed, a surprising cause

On Twitter, journalist Thibaut Chevillard from 20 minutes posted a message in which he provides some additional information on the death of Jean Teulé. He writes : ' According to our information, Jean Teule died following a food poisoning which dates from Saturday October 15th. He had been hospitalized at the Lariboisière hospital on Sunday. According to wife Miou-Miou, he had eaten meatballs and since then his condition has deteriorated .'

The President of the Republic pays tribute to him

On the Elysée official website , Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte issued a press release to salute the memory and work of the late Jean Teulé. ' The President of the Republic and his wife salute a writer with a triple gift for comics, television and literature, who bequeaths us stories full of fantasy and lucidity. They send their heartfelt condolences to his companion Miou-Miou, his family, his relatives, and his readers. “, they said.

Jean Teulé and Miou-Miou, a discreet love story

This death plunges the actress Miou-Miou - whose real name is Sylvette Herry - into mourning. Indeed, the star of the films The Valseuses , A small zone of turbulence or Dropped was in a relationship with Jean Teulé since 1998 . Very discreet about her private life, she never mentioned her couple.

However, interviewed in 2013 by women's diary for the promotion of his film Stop me , she had broken the armor a bit. Referring to the question of femininity, she assured that, at home, this was translated by ' independence '. And, to the question ' That's what pleased Coluche, Patrick Dewaere, Julien Clerc, Jean Teulé... the loves of your life? ', she replied: ' I hope it's all me! It's true that I'm not the type of seductress, tease, show-off...'

And, in 2020, this time with Gala , she was asked about marriage. ' You can have in your head the desire to spend your life with someone without having to say it in front of a witness! And I don't think I like weddings at all, to tell you the truth! “, she said frankly.

All our condolences to the actress and those close to Jean Teulé.