Death of Jean-Luc Godard: Assisted suicide, relationship with Belmondo, marriage to Anna Karina...

The world of cinema is in mourning: director Jean-Luc Godard is dead, he resorted to assisted suicide. His death was reported on Tuesday, September 13, 2022 by the newspaper 'Liberation'. The one to whom we owed the films 'Le Mépris' or 'Pierrot le fou' was 91 years old. His family announced that he will be cremated.

  Death of Jean-Luc Godard: Assisted suicide, relationship with Belmondo, marriage to Anna Karina...

It is a monument of cinema that is gone. Franco-Swiss director Jean-Luc Godard is dead. It's the newspaper Release which reveals the bad news, this Tuesday, September 13. ' Filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard died on September 13, 2022, announce his wife Anne-Marie Miéville and his producers. No official ceremony will take place. Jean-Luc Godard is passed away peacefully at his home surrounded by his loved ones. He will be cremated ' , could we read a few hours later in a press release.

This major figure of the 7th Art was 91 years old. Release adds that he resorted to the assisted suicide , authorized in Switzerland, the country where he lived.

Jean-Luc Godard chose his own death

' He wasn't sick, he was just exhausted. So he had made the decision to end it. It was his decision and it was important for him that it be known ' , told a relative of the family to Release . The director died in Rolle, on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Jean-Luc Godard had rotated the greatest from Belmondo to Bardot

The director had started his career in the 1950s, first through short films. In 1960, he released his first feature film: A bout of souffle . A success that has become a staple of the New Wave style, in which we find the late actor John Paul Belmondo . The two men will then maintain a beautiful complicity, meeting on several occasions: in 1961 for A woman is a woman and in 1965 for Pierrot le fou.

Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Paul Belmondo had met in 1958, the director meeting the actor on the terrace of a Parisian café. He then made her a funny proposal ... 'He approached me saying: Do you want to make movies? Come to my hotel room, we'll shoot and I'll give you 50,000 francs… I found the guy very suspicious and I went home. Élodie , my wife, said to me: 'Go ahead and if he makes advances to you, you punch him in the face!' I went back and we actually shot a short film: Charlotte and her Jules. He wasn't at all what I thought!', had confided Belmondo, in remarks reported by Entertainment TV.

During his career, Jean-Luc Godard will also run Brigitte Bardot in the cult movie Contempt , Marlene Jobert in Male Female or even Anny Duperey in Two or three things I know about her . He had received a special Palme d'or at Cannes in 2018 for all of his work as well as two honorary Césars and an honorary Oscar. In contrast, when he had been offered the National Order of Merit, he had refused .

At the announcement of his death, Bardot reacted on Twitter: ' And Godard created Contempt and it was out of breath that he joined the firmament of the last great star creators... '

Jean-Luc Godard and his private life, who are the women who shared his life?

A popular and essential director, Jean-Luc Godard was on the other hand a more discreet man about his private life, fleeing the glitter of show business. But that did not prevent him from living great love stories. He was thus married to the Franco-Danish actress Anna Karina, whom he had discovered in an advertisement; the union was held in 1961 in Begnins in Switzerland and then at the Protestant church on Avenue Marceau in Paris. He had made her his muse, turning her in no less than seven of his films!

The couple had experienced a terrible tragedy ... ' The filming of A woman is a woman was a success. I didn't know I was pregnant. After the film, I gave birth to a dead fetus at seven months . I never got over it. It was our tragedy. I spent a lot of time in the hospital those years. Jean-Luc and I, we passed each other in the ambulances ', had told the actress, who died in 2019. The couple had officially divorced in 1968, Anna Karina told the Inrocks.

Subsequently, the director was married to the late actress and novelist Anne Wiazemsky (who would shoot eight films with him) and was also in a relationship with the Swiss director and screenwriter Anne-Marie Miéville, his last companion to date. Today, aged 76, she is a grieving woman.

Does Jean-Luc Godard have a link with actor Thierry Godard?

If he therefore had several heart stories, the director never became a father. Thus, he has no relationship with the actor Thierry Godard, star of the series gears and A French village .