Death of Daniel Lévi: Childhood, Wife, Newborn, Marriages, Illness... and Other Secrets

Daniel Lévi died at age 60 on August 6. His fight against cancer, his family, his fear of aging, his newborn: everything you didn't know about the charismatic interpreter of Moïse in the musical that marked the 2000s...

  Death of Daniel Lévi: Childhood, Wife, Newborn, Marriages, Illness... and Other Secrets

Daniel Levi died on August 6, twenty days before celebrating his 61st birthday. The unforgettable interpreter of Moses in The ten Commandments fought hard against a Colon Cancer, but illness finally took him away. ' Mon mari, mon roi Daniel Haim ben Sarah Lévi rejoint le Gan Éden (paradise, editor's note)', announced his wife Sandrine Aboukrat, on the Instagram account of the late singer. As is the Jewish tradition, his funeral were held the day after his death, August 7, at the Saint-Pierre cemetery in Marseille.

Did you know that the singer had also slipped into the skin d'Aladdin , which he had spent several months in hospital , has been married twice and is almost missed the role who revealed it to the general public? Here's everything you (perhaps) didn't know about the singer who has made us want to love for over twenty years...

His parents pushed him to become a musician

Daniel Lévi is the youngest of a family of seven children who bathed in music. His parents nurtured the hope of seeing all the siblings embark on a musical career. ' My father was a worker and he bled himself to buy us sheet music. My mother listened to us play when she was peeling the vegetables in the kitchen. I'm the only one who continued, I carry the family project a little “, he confided to Here is .

Daniel Lévi performed the song from Aladdin

In the early 1990s, when he was little known to the general public, Daniel Lévi was chosen to play This blue dream , the end credits song of the famous cartoon, Aladdin , in duet with Karine Costa. Enough to propel his career to the heights!

Daniel Lévi has been married twice

Daniel Levi was the father of three children born of an old union, Abel, Raphael and Rivka . Then, until the end of his life, he was happily married to his second wife, Sandrine Aboukrat , a producer he had met at a gala in 2016.” I was a early fan because I was going to listen to it at its very beginning in a piano bar in the rue des Rosiers, in Paris. But beware. I was a fan of his voice, not yet of his beautiful eyes “, remembered the latter, in Gala .

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He almost never played Moses in 'The Ten Commandments'

When Daniel Lévi got the role of Moses in the famous musical Ten Commandments , in 2000, the singer was faced with a difficult choice. Glory or Faith. Of Jewish faith, he observed the weekly rest day of Shabbat and refused to go on stage on Friday evenings. First of all ousted from the project for this reason it was eventually recalled by production . ' Then the production accepted that I be replaced on Friday evening because it was Shabbat. Religion is a journey. When you begin to understand all this, it is difficult to deviate from it, it is not a simple discipline like pottery or macrame “, he recalled in Here is .

Daniel Lévi: his battle with cancer

In recent years, Daniel Lévi has beaten against colon cancer which resulted in liver metastases. A difficult and painful ordeal from which he had first been able to recover. ' Is didn't walk anymore , is didn't eat anymore , is couldn't breathe , I was so perfused that my muscles had melted away so I couldn't walk “, had confided in 50 Min Inside  one who described himself as a ' miraculously '.' Things are moving in the right direction, thank God. My last report is very positive . With the doctors, we decided to lighten the treatment because the chemo sessions caused quite serious side effects. “, he had explained to Paris here , in April 2021. But “ complications ' which occurred in the spring of 2022 had caused concern and his state of health had seriously deteriorated...until the end.

Daniel Lévi spent 3 months in hospital

At the end of 2018, Daniel Lévi was hospitalized for three months . Chemotherapy was ' so effective that the tumor did not want to leave without clinging to the colon “, he detailed at the microphone of Radio Voltage , before narrating: ' We have to operate urgently but on a guy who is doing chemo, it's complicated. There are no tusks... I had one generalized infection and I started to really slip. nothing was working anymore '.

The incredible gesture of his wife

While he was hospitalized, his wife came up with the idea for him bring a synthesizer in order to remind him of his love for music and give him back the desire to fight. One way to help her to be able to envisage the future “, he had remembered at the microphone of An Eclair from Guény .

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Daniel Lévi became a dad a few weeks before he died

Daniel Lévi had recently become dad of a little girl . ' I am happy to inform you that I am the father of a little girl since this morning. His mother is doing well, the baby is doing well. It will be a deep joy. I am extremely grateful to Providence, Heaven, the Master of the World who rules this world and who works miracles “, he confided in a last video posted on his Instagram account, July 15, about three weeks before his death.

He had also taken the opportunity to reassure him about his state of health: ' It is true that these last few weeks have been a bit complicated for me but I am being treated . I'm recovering because I haven't slept. You see the face of a tired man because he hasn't slept but I wanted to reassure you about my state of health '.

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Daniel Lévi is afraid of aging

Daniel Lévi was hardly reassured by the idea of ​​growing old. ' I don't want to grow old . Not so long ago I was all brown, all smooth, now I find myself marked. Beyond the picture, this job is ruthless , we can clearly see that the youngsters who arrive take up a lot of space. And with such talent! “, had confided the singer who died at 60 in Here is , before recalling that 'artists improve over time, like good wine'.