Death of actress Marion Campan, the call for help from her loved ones: 'Our whole family is destroyed'

The actress Marion Campan, who played the role of a medical examiner in the OPJ series on France 3, was found dead at her home in Reunion. If the trail of suicide is mentioned, his relatives call for solidarity to repatriate his body to mainland France.

  Death of the'actrice Marion Campan, l'appel à l'aide de ses proches: "Toute notre famille est anéantie"

Terrible news that darkens the summer sky. She had just finished filming the fourth season of the series OPJ on France 3 . Actress Marion Campan, Joséphine Fleury on screen, was found dead at her home in Saint-Paul in Reunion on August 15.

Death of Marion Campan: the trail of suicide mentioned?

A news confirmed by The Reunion newspaper , which would evoke the trail of suicide: ' Marion Campan was to join the metropolis this Saturday. If the thesis of suicide is privileged, the parquet floor of the court of Saint-Denis specifies ' that an investigation has, of course, been opened in order to establish with certainty the circumstances of the death ' . This brutal announcement was followed by a shower of tributes on social networks.

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Death of Marion Campan in Reunion: 'Our whole family is destroyed'

On the front line, the relatives of the actress came out of their reserve to pay tribute to Marion. Starting with her sister, Chloé Campan on Facebook, explaining how to make this choice ' alone and reluctantly ': 'As you may have discovered, Marion left us yesterday August 15th. It is very hard to go through the networks and expose herself like this. Our whole family, as well as her friends are devastated and I am sorry not to respond to the many messages, but it remains complicated to this day.

Death of Marion Campan in Reunion: her sister's call for help to repatriate her body

Behind the pain, despair. Because if Marion's sister chooses to expose herself, she calls for solidarity: ' I make a call, she continues. His body will be repatriated to France in the coming days. Between our parents who are going to travel and the things to prepare. If you want to participate in any way in this whole organization, I am attaching a link to this message to help us. In connection with the message, a kitty to support the family in its difficult times. Over €18,000 was raised.