Death of actress Marion Campan (OPJ): the moving tribute of her famous friend

A month after the death of Marion Campan, actress of the series 'OPJ', her play partner, Yaëlle Trulès, wanted to pay her a vibrant tribute...

  Death of the'actrice Marion Campan (OPJ) : l'hommage bouleversant de sa célèbre amie

The Mort by Marion Campan shocked the whole of France. The 30-year-old actress , who starred in the series OPJ and played forensic pathologist Joséphine Fleury, was found hanged at his home in Saint-Paul on Reunion Island on August 15. A month after the announcement of his death, his playmate, Yaelle Trules , paid him a moving tribute on his Instagram account: ' A month without you . A month ago, you were looking me in the eyes, not to say directly in the heart. We would laugh for nothing between two sequences where you had to cry. We told each other our lives between takes where our characters complained about their fictional lives, we made fake dead laugh when they weren't supposed to breathe “, began her friend in the caption of photos of the actress, who camps the commander Clarissa Hoarau in the series OPJ .

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Yaëlle Trulès: her moving tribute to Marion Campan

' Then there were our projects, the strength you gave me. Not a day goes by that I don't think of your mischievous smile, your finesse of mind, your depth, your authenticity, your empathy. You are everywhere and I miss you , I think of your family, that they can find peace. May your new home be soothing. Join the pantheon of incredible and inspiring kafrine women “, concluded Yaëlle Trulès. Her publication was loved by the actress Lola Dewaere, who plays in the series Astrid and Raphaelle .

After the announcement of the death of the actress, who had just completed the filming of the 4th season of the series, the parquet floor of Saint-Denis opened an investigation ' in order to establish with certainty the circumstances of the death “. The young woman, originally from Brittany, had been found hanged with his dog's leash .

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Death of Marion Campan: the words of his sister

His sister Chloe expressed herself on social media: ' All our family, as well as his friends are annihilated and I'm sorry for not responding to the many messages, but it remains complicated to this day '. She had announced that a online kitty had been created to help the family in the organization of the funeral and the repatriation of the body of the actress. ' His body will be repatriated to France in the coming days. Between our parents who are going to travel and the things to prepare. If you want to participate in any way whatsoever in this whole organization, I am attaching a link to this message to help us “, she had declared.