Dave got married: the singer married Patrick Loiseau, in secret

Older marriage, happy marriage. Dave, 75, and his long-time companion, lyricist Patrick Loiseau, got married in the greatest secrecy. The interpreter of 'Vanina' confided in this union during his appearance on the show 'La Boîte à secrets'.

 Dave s'est marié : le chanteur a épousé Patrick Loiseau, en secret

Dutch singer Dave said 'yes' to his companion, lyricist Patrick Loiseau. If they live as a couple in the city and have worked together for 48 years, Dave and Patrick Loiseau waited a long time to pass the ring on their fingers. Indeed, guest in the show The Secret Box on France 3 hosted by Faustine Bollaert , Dave spilled the beans! He confided that He and Patrick Loiseau got married in a small and intimate ceremony in the presence of their four witnesses.
Dave also claimed that it was journalist Marc-Olivier Fogiel who advised him to take the plunge, because ' the Pacs does not protect as well as marriage in the event of the death of the spouse', he said last October to France Sunday. Before adding: 'Whether we're going to do it or not, I'd rather keep it to myself.'

Dave married: who is his husband Patrick Loiseau

Born in 1949 in Limoges, Patrick Loiseau wrote Dave's most popular singles , as Vanina, On the Swann side, To die with my love, Black on White. .. He also worked for Demis Roussos, Hélène Ségara, Sylvie Vartan or Françoise Hardy. While he knows that he owes part of his success to his husband and that it is the song that unites them, Dave admits that this common passion for music can also tear them apart...
On the set of The Secret Box , Dave, fusional, says: 'When we met in 1971, I was smoking cigars. He couldn't stand the smell. I stopped. He didn't like football. So I started watching him outside. hotel. Same for science fiction. Of course, he doesn't forbid me anything. He just goes to his office, when I want to be in the same room as him! I also think that 'you shouldn't have a separate room. (...) One of the only causes of argument in our relationship is the song. When he offers me a text that I don't like, he is not happy'.

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