Dark Brown: Ash, Mahogany, Copper... Which one to choose?

Dark chestnut is very close to brown but still has some differences. It is the ideal coloring to bring relief to the hair. Discover the guide to learn all about this color and maintain its radiance and shine.

  Dark Brown: Ash, Mahogany, Copper... Which one to choose?

The Dark blond is a must-have color! But did you know that it comes in a multitude of shades? Among them is the dark blond which might seem quite banal at first glance, but which is not at all. Decoding of this ultra popular shade.

What is a dark chestnut?

The dark blond is a deep color that mixes warm shades of chestnut with more bruns . It is very close to a luminous brown or a deep brown. This strong shade gives character to the face and brings relief to all hair. It is perfect in all seasons thanks to its natural shine. Depending on taste, it can also be adorned with delicious reflections.

What is the difference between chestnut and brown?

If they look very similar, brown and dark chestnut are still a little different. the brun is darker, deeper, than dark chestnut.

What is a dark ash brown?

On a dark brown base, we add ash reflections in cold tones. This shade pulls slightly on the gray but remains very luminous.

What is a dark mahogany brown?

Mahogany lends itself wonderfully to dark, chestnut or brown hair. Stunning for fall, dark mahogany chestnut is a warm color that illuminates the face with its reddish-brown tone.

What is a dark copper brown?

Dark brown is sometimes combined with copper highlights to bring a warm side to the beauty treatment. Copper is a great ally when dark hair lacks radiance. This coloration therefore wreaks havoc on a dark base and a matte or dark complexion.

What is a dark chocolate brown?

The dark chocolate chestnut is closer to a deep brown since this shade resembles a warm chestnut with lovely light highlights.

How to make a dark chestnut color?

Good news, the discoloration in white is generally not necessary to adopt a dark chestnut mane, unless you have a very dark base color. Pamper your hair before coloring, for example by adopting the moisturizing mask reflex after each shampoo. The hair will resist better to the aggression of the coloring. You can completely achieve the coloring quietly at home by buying the corresponding shade at the supermarket. To be sure of success, bring the necessary equipment: plastic gloves, stopwatch, wide-toothed comb and above all a clear space! Stick to the application times and be organized, then the process will seem simple and the result will be worth it! After the color, we keep the good beauty routine and we adapt our shampoos , by choosing them for example based on henna, to make the color last.

Dark brown, for whom?

Good news, dark brown is an easy color to adopt and suitable for all skin tones. Less dark than brown, dark chestnut gives character to the face while remaining a mat color, perfect for the most discreet. With very pale skin, the color gives contrast and highlights the hair. On dark or olive skin, dark brown gives a perfect Mediterranean style to warm up a look! On black skin, it adapts perfectly to create a delicious harmony of colors. A very practical choice for a successful result!

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