Darie Boutboul: The ex-jockey victim of a hell of a misadventure in the toilet (the Hilarious Big Heads)!

On October 26, on Laurent Ruquier's show 'Les Grosses Têtes', former star jockey Darie Boutboul detailed one of his adventures. And the least we can say is that it is as unusual as it is surprising...

  Darie Boutboul: L'ex-jockey victime d'une sacrée mésaventure aux toilettes (les Grosses Têtes hilares) !

Last Wednesday, October 26, 2022, Laurent Ruquier was surrounded by Darie Boutboul, Christophe Beaugrand, Jérémy Ferrari, Caroline Diament, Max Boublil and Paul El Kharrat in his flagship radio show The Big Heads on RTL. For once, the program was rich in somewhat surprising anecdotes. And it's not the 64-year-old former jockey, Darie Boutboul, who came with her dog, who will say the opposite!

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Darie Boutboul found herself locked in the toilet

Star of the racetracks in the 1980s, Darie Boutboul was married to the renowned Parisian lawyer Jacques Perrot, who was murdered in 1985. A crime probably ordered by her former mother-in-law (since he and Darie Boutboul had divorced in the meantime ), Marie-Élisabeth Cons-Boutboul who had pushed the young woman, already a member of Big heads at the time, to quit the show. But no question for the one who made history by becoming the first French woman holder of an amateur jockey license to have won a race of the trifecta not to repeat the experience. Thus, she returned to the famous armchairs between 1995 and 2001 before returning there recently, in April 2022. And it is therefore in the famous program of Laurent Ruquier that she said she was locked in the toilet… In her own house!

Darie Boutboul saved by friends who came to visit her

'We always say, you shouldn't lock the toilet because, a child locks himself up, you can't unlock' , she began. 'Well even when you don't lock!' , she continued. 'I stayed four hours in the wawa this Sunday' , she lamented in front of her hilarious friends. “Because Le Pen (…)” , she then tried to continue. But that was enough for the merry band to make it work.

She was therefore immediately interrupted by her hilarious little comrades who immediately compared the use of this term to Jean-Marie Le Pen. 'Why did you take him on as chief of staff?' , for example launched Laurent Ruquier before asking him: 'Who saved you after four hours then?' . 'Chance' , then replied Darie Boutboul. Before going into details: 'I had left the gate open because I had friends coming, they were looking for me, they were looking for me, so when they entered the house they heard me screaming, but they couldn't not open either . I hadn't taken my phone so in fact if they hadn't come, I spent three days, a week, in the toilet' . 'You know what? I'm sorry' , finally retorted Caroline Diament as if to close this chapter, some of the most confusing.

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