Danièle Evenou, shocked and 'pained' by Marion Game's tackle: 'I'm going to leave this set'

While Marion Game had atomized Danièle Evenou, she was deeply shocked by her words. Invited to the Jordan De Luxe show, the actress was on the verge of tears and wanted to leave the set…

  Danièle Evenou, shocked and"peinée" par le tacle de Marion Game : "Je vais quitter ce plateau"

Among Daniele Evenou and Marion Game , relations are far from being in good shape. While the first was recently invited on the set of Jordan De Luxe, she fell from the clouds when she heard what the second had to say about her. The host offered Danièle Evenou to watch an excerpt from his show At Jordan's , dating from April 2022. At the time, Marion Game, who was invited on the set, had not been kind to the former actress of the series Mary Periwinkle .

Danièle Evenou, pained: 'I'm going to leave this set'

' I did not have a friendly relationship with Danièle. To me that's a terrible misunderstanding! What's this ? It's dead weight! It's nothing in my life anyway. It never matched with her! Surely not “, had dropped the interpreter of Huguette in Domestic scenes , about Daniele Evenou. Hearing these words, the latter was disillusioned. Visibly upset, the actress said of Marion Game: ' It's horrible, I pity her. What does it mean ? That I don't exist? It's horrible '.

And to add: You didn't have to show me that. It hurts me (...) Does that mean I have no place on this earth? That's it' . Jordan De Luxe, he tried to understand why the two actresses were cold. But Danièle Evenou simply declared, without giving vent: ' It's a terrible misunderstanding '. The actress was so shaken that she even considered ending the interview prematurely.' I'm gonna leave this set, I'm in pain “, she let go, under the amazed gaze of Jordan De Luxe.

Danièle Evenou and Marion Game, at war because of Jacques Martin?

Is this cold war linked to Jacques Martin ? Recall that the two actresses had been in a relationship with the late host. Marion Game had shared his life from 1968 to 1972, while Danièle Evenou was his companion from 1973 to 1980 and had two children with him, Frédéric, born in 1973, and Jean-Baptiste, who was born in 1976. On the set of Jordan De Luxe, the actress wanted to set the record straight in case Marion Game had drooping ears: ' I did not take Jacques Martin from her. It was she who had left him for a man who lived in Switzerland '.

Still shaken by the words she had just heard, Danièle Evenou let go of Jordan De Luxe: ' Is am mute. so much wickedness , I hope my children have not seen it, nor my grandchildren, nor my friends. It doesn't matter, too bad for her. If she thinks that, too bad ',

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