Daniel Prévost is 83: family secret, children, death of his wife, clash with Fogiel...

Daniel Prévost turns 83 on October 20! His family secret, his childhood injury, the death of his wife, his César, the success of Montcuq, his clash with Marc-Olivier Fogiel, his children... and everything you didn't know about the unforgettable performer of Horse in 'Le Dîner de Cons'.

  Daniel Prévost is 83: family secret, children, death of his wife, clash with Fogiel...

Daniel Prevost turns 83 on October 20! Dozens of roles played at cinema, theatre, television , not less than eighteen books written and countless giggles provoked among the French: the actor is resolutely a monument. Although he has been on the brakes for several years, Daniel Prévost has not stopped playing. His last role dates back to the beginning of 2022 in the comedy Retirement home , by Thomas Gilou, with Gérard Depardieu and Kev Adams (among others). His eighth decade of life has begun, the actor is not about to rest on his laurels! Find out everything you didn't know about the famous actor who has often played fake-ass roles in the cinema, but who is nevertheless endowed with an undeniable frankness...

Daniel Prévost: the day he wanted to become an actor

Daniel Prévost was born on October 20, 1939 in Garches, in the Hauts-de-Seine. Born of a Norman mother, he is fatherless. It is by going to the cinema with his grandmother to see the film Forbidden Games , by René Clément, that the young boy became aware of his desire to become an actor. At school, he is also the class boat-en-train . ' I immediately felt that I had to get out of this kind of school straitjacket. And the only possibility, the only way, was to make people laugh. And God knows if I had the possibility and the respondent “, he confided to France Info .

Daniel Prévost : son secret de famille

Throughout his childhood and the beginning of his adult life, he felt a lack that no one could fill, that of a father figure. His mother, having not revealed the identity of his parent, Daniel Prévost is full of questions. One day he decides to follow in his father's footsteps . One of his aunts, in agony, ends up revealing the family secret to him. ' Yes your father was an Algerian, your name is Aït-Salem ', he said in his autobiographical novel, Coco belle-nattes .

Why he had 'black curly hair'

So, Daniel Prévost undertakes a real quest for his identity. He goes to Kabylie, to the town of Taghzout, to meet his father there. If he meets members of his family there, they tell him that his parent is unfortunately deceased. Despite everything, the actor is happy to have finally found answers to his questions: ' Finally I claim my black and curly hair which made the difference during all my bruised adolescence and all my distraught youth '.

Daniel Prévost: consecration with Montcuq

His first acting roles, he landed them in the Jean Becker series, The Holy Darlings , as well as at the cinema in Let go, it's a waltz , by Georges Lautner. But it's in the comedy show The Little Reporter , where he officiates as a columnist, that Daniel Prévost really made himself known to the general public. How to forget, for example, his cult humorous report in the town of Montcuq ? The sketch also amused the Montcuquois so much that a rue du Petit Rapporteur was inaugurated there in 2006.

Daniel Prévost: his César brought him nothing

In 1998, Daniel Prévost gained popularity with the general French public thanks to his role as Cheval, a tax inspector in Cons Dinner , which made more than 9 million cinema admissions. ' I didn't know Francis Veber (...) He knew me by the things I had already shot, by interposed image. That's what I find quite amazing: he probably saw an image of me that I didn't know “, he confided on this subject in his Autobiography of me by me .

Above all, he won a Cesar for Best Supporting Actor for his performance. But this prize, so coveted by his cinema peers, hardly gives him the hoped-for success. ' The buddies were like, 'For you, that's great! If you have a Caesar, it's a year of work!' Zero. I had no offers. After it passed, there was another year where I did a couple of things, but that's it ', he recalled to France Info .

The clash against Marc-Olivier Fogiel

Known for his scathing humor and his legendary outspokenness, Daniel Prévost has never had his tongue in his pocket. In 2001, on the set of the show You Can't Please Everyone, the actor did not hesitate to unzip Marc-Olivier Fogiel when he mentioned his ' picture of nerdy '.' You are definitely talking nonsense: I've never been fashionable, how do you expect me to get nerdy? While you are currently fashionable, so you will become nerdy “, retorted the interpreter of Lucien Cheval in the Cons dinner , on the set of the show. A clash that has remained in the annals...

wife and children

On the private side, Daniel Prévost fell in love in the 1960s, while he was at the Elsinore festival in Denmark. He meets a Danish woman, Jette Bertelsen , and it's love at first sight. Together they marry and give birth to three children , Sören (turned actor), Elring and Christophe.

The drama of his life: the death of his wife

Unfortunately, in 2007, the actor was hit by a tragedy. While on the set of the TV movie Mr Joseph , of Olivier Langlois, his wife, who accompanies him, is found dead in the hotel bathtub Ghent Hermitage , from Lille . A painful ordeal from which he manages to recover despite everything. ' We do not get rid of a mourning like that, overnight. Mourning will always be present but, besides that, there is life that goes on “, he confided to the microphone of RTL.

How he overcomes grief

To soothe his pain, Daniel Prévost decides to put words to the pain and publishes his novel You will never know how much I love you . ' The disappearance of my wife acted as a detonator. I needed to write to rebuild myself because after a tragedy you need to recreate something. And this license to rebuild, you will get it with your family, with those who remain “, he explained to the Figaro .

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