Daniel Lévi: PHOTO with his widow and baby taken before his death

A few weeks after the death of Daniel Lévi, his widow Sandrine revealed a heartbreaking message and a photo in which he posed with his baby, shortly before his death…

 Daniel Lévi: PHOTO with his widow and baby taken before his death

Less than a month after his death consequences of colon cancer, Daniel Lévi should have celebrated his 61st birthday , August 26. To honor her late husband, his widow, Sandrine , left a poignant message on his Instagram account. The one who lived by his side for eight years posted one of the last photos of Daniel Lévi … and not just any. On this black and white shot, the former interpreter of Moses in the musical The ten Commandments appears with his wife and their daughter , born a few weeks before the death of the artist.

Death of Daniel Lévi: his widow recounts their fight

' Thanks to you, I learned what the verb LOVE was . And yet, love came little by little but as you said so well: 'I don't want to love you like the first day, I will love you a little more each day'. You were right, this is TRUE LOVE “, first declared his widow Sandrine, in this poignant text.

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' And then the ordeal arrived and to get through it, we united in front of Gd… Thanks to you. We walked hand in hand, day after day, and nothing could stop you, you who were so humble, so strong and so benevolent ', she added, in reference to the singer's battle with colon cancer.

Daniel Lévi: 'the most beautiful gift'

And to conclude: ' Today, you joined Gan Eden (heaven, editor's note) but you didn't leave me alone because you are too benevolent.
Thanks to you, I have become the happiest of mothers , you gave me the most beautiful gift… 'a princess', as you said. Thank you Hashem for this Miracle. You are no longer there by your presence but you are with us every day and in our hearts forever

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