Daniel Auteuil is 27 years apart from his wife Aude: 'Basically, we don't care' (and behind the scenes of their meeting)

Daniel Auteuil and his wife Aude Ambroggi have been making perfect love since they met in Corsica in 2003. And never mind their 27-year age difference. United and in love, they spoke about it with Gala…

  Daniel Auteuil is 27 years old'écart avec sa femme Aude : "Au fond, on s'en fout" (et coulisses de leur rencontre)

It's no secret that the couple made it official way back in 2006: Daniel Auteuil , 75, and his wife, painter Aude Ambroggi, 45, are 27 years apart. But never mind, that does not prevent them from enjoying happy days together for many years. Well in their sneakers and quite happy together, they even agreed to open the doors of their privacy a little to our colleagues from Gala . And to grant them an exclusive interview, published in the edition of this March 9.

For Daniel Auteuil, 'this story of age difference' is very 'abstract'

As the saying goes, love has no age. And it is not the illustrious actor and his wife who will say the opposite. According to the two lovebirds, they even seem to have found the recipe for happiness... And which lasts please! And for good reason, Aude Ambroggi and Daniel Auteuil met in 2003, in Corsica , while the actor had already known several other love stories in the past. Three years later, on July 22, 2006, the couple married, still on the island of beauty , in Porto-Vecchio more precisely.

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Ensemble, they even had a child , the third of the actor who was then 59 years old, Zachary born in 2009. 'Since Aude came into my life, I feel like I'm on a slide, there's a lightness, it slides...' , began the main interested party, already the father of Aurore, 42, and Nelly, 31. Before giving some details: 'At the beginning, there were two years of a kind of waiting. And then, one day, we said to ourselves 'deep down, we don't care'. It's very abstract, this story of difference of age' . And for him to conclude: 'I'm 73, Aude is 45, but I feel like we're the same age… And I don't know which one' .

Daniel Auteuil and Aude Ambroggi: their new life in Provence

Five years ago, Daniel Auteuil and Aude Ambroggi decided to settle in Provence , between Arles and Avignon, far from the bustle of the capital, a city that the actor nevertheless loves 'deeply' . “Today, I was able to detach myself from it, leave it to be fully happy here in Provence… but in fact, I could be fully happy wherever I am with the woman I love” , tenderly confessed the star of The good times to journalists from Gala .

This should give him space to prepare for the release of his second album, If you're scared, don't be scared of love , scheduled for March 17.

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